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Vintage Companion, Good House Keeping and Better Homes and Gardens. Oh my a very good find for me indeed. I am unable to find these types of magazines around here. The ones I do find are very expensive. Almost 30 dollars for one. I want to use them. I am going to cut them up and do a few altered projects with them. I can't see spending 30 bucks on one. These were found for 4 and 5 bucks. They had more. I just didn't have the time to look thru everything. I did spend quite a bit of time over there already. I am pleased to know I am able to find these now. Affordable too. They have Time and Life there for 10 bucks. I also saw Mcalls and a few others.

I really love the ads. They are my favorite. I adore the fashion. So each era is so fun to look at. I pretty much stuck to all 50's this time. Next time I will dig into the 40's and the 60's. There is just so much to see. I am going to scan a few things for you and I will share more photos. I am just dying to check each page out. At the store I was only shopping for colors, ads and fashion that grabbed my attention. NOT the articles. HAHA. Cept I did buy the Good Housekeeping magazine because of the casserole cookbook. I want to see how they made them. I personally HATE casseroles. (giggle). I am going to take a few pages and put them in frames and decorate them around my sewing area. I really could have spent all day there just thumbing thru the pages. But laundry was waiting for me at home. Thankfully between cycles I can read. I just need a cup of tea with some honey and maybe a lemon wedge. I hear its getting chilly tonight.

Thankfully I have all this reading to do.


I have a few of the old ones. 40's and 50's Woman's Day and others. I'd be afraid to cut them up.

Oh Carla!! I know how can I think of cutting them up? I bought them with that in mind. So its ok. Cept the really good ones get framed. hehe

Your son's wife - enemy or angel! Hilarious!

i love old magazines! great finds! :)

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