Cute Cake plate found!

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I am going to change this plate into a cake stand. I just need to find a cute bottom. I will keep you updated on this project. I could not pass up this plate for $2.00. It screamed at me as I walked by....TAKE me home and make me into something. So I did and I am.
I then found this for $6.00. This is the base.
Look at those scallops. YUMMY!
I really adore this cake plate. From head to toe its a beauty. Its a really small cake plate. The blue plate above is bigger than this. This is for a very small cake. I am not going to use it for cakes tho. I am using it for craft displays. I now officially have 2 cake stands and one being made. So I am off to a nice collection of cake stands.
I found this and melted in the isle. I am going to make this into an apron. Its a hand towel.
Pot holder to match.
I bought a loom kit. Well...its a "toy" loom kit. But all the parts are sturdy and there and I been looking for a loom. You would think craft stores would carry these things? If my hubby had tools I could prolly have made my own. But he is into Electronics and not saws. I remember looming as a kid. I am sure I will pick it up fast. I have plans for this. I am not just going to loom scarves. Oh no. We have belts and headbands and some bracelets and anklets to make. Oh yes.


Very cute idea, love the color of the plate! Check out my craft room remodel on my blog. I am SO excited to get everything in there and start working. It is my dream craft room. Take care, hugs.

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