Getting in shape is finally paying off.

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I am still working out since Dec. 2008. I slipped off the cardio train for a few months in 2008 and I am back on it. I am one who needs to work out every day. I can't eat what I please in large amounts. I have to have a serving size. Otherwise I gain lbs fast. If I rest I rust. I feel aches and pains. I get lower back pains and I feel tired. When I work out I am roaring and ready to go. I am on fire. I totally like how that feels. Its just having to DO the cardio to get that feeling. But it also get another feeling stirred. The OMG look at those sexy curves coming out. I used to weight almost 200 lbs. YES in my 20's. I am now in my 30's and I have kept my weight at 130. I went to a personal trainer 2 years ago to learn how to stay fit. I can tell you that is the best investment for someone who wants to know how to take care of ones self. I now know how to keep my body in tip top shape. I know what to eat and what moves to do. Everyone is different and has a different body. You just have to investigate what yours is doing and then work on it. I love weight training. Its more personal training for your body parts. If you use 5, 8 or 10 lbs you can make your muscles shine too. Just do it. Remember you will loose inches before you loose weight. Don't focus on a number. EVEN THO WE DO. DON'T! Its the inches that let you slip into them smaller jeans.

Eat healthy real food. (no boxed food, no processed food, no fast food)
Portion Control your meals and snacks.
Cardio 5 days a week 30 min a day.
Weight training 3 to 5 days a week.

YOU TOO can loose inches and get in shape. Just let the time go by. DONT COUNT. Just change what your doing now and wait and see. But you have to DO and stick to it. Dont use a scale use a tape measure.

"Lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. If you don't do anything to replace the muscle loss, it'll be replaced with fat. But weight training can help you reverse the trend — at any age. As your muscle mass increases, you'll be able to work harder and longer before you get tired. You'll maintain joint flexibility, increase bone density and better manage your weight. Get started today!" (from the Mayo clinic)

Want to know what weight training you could do? Try this site here!

You will loose weight faster by doing cardio and weight training. TRUE FACT! You just have to DO IT! And YES you can. At any age too.


I agree 100% with everything you said! I lost 62 lbs 5 yrs ago eating healthy watching portion size I used the Dr Phil weight loss solution to do it. I have to exercise everyday too or else the weight comes right back on and I feel achy all over. I am 52 so it's harder all the time to keep the weight off. I still measure a lot of the foods like cereal and salad dressing so I stay at the portion control. Great job on your staying healthy! You look fabulous! Take care!

Hey, thanks for this post. I needed the extra motivation! Am currently doing a 100 day running challenge which is seeing me getting fitter, but I need to start looking at the food aspect more closely! So have started a chocolate sabbatical until the end of the 100 days too (I am crazily addicted!)..... a few years ago (prekids) I did weight watchers... now after having kids with about 8kgs to lose am relunctant to pay the money to go back, but I think I can still work out the ins and outs of it....
Again, thanks for the motivation.

Looking good girl friend! I can't wait to see ya!

What an inspiration you are!!! I'm also trying to get in shape, been heavy to many years!!
Lee Ann

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