I went vintage shopping Saturday.

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I went thrifting on Saturday. My son had a costume party to attend and it was 80's night. So off we went. Yet when we got there I seem to just go off on my own and my son was left fending for himself. We actually went to 3 stores. By the third one my son was hooked. He fell in love with thrifting. He fell in love with vintage items. He now sees my love for vintage. He purchased himself a few goodies too. He is now on the hunt for his own Polaroid camera. I had to school him in what to look for and what type to get. It easier to purchase a vintage camera that takes 600 speed film. You will find that most for sale on Ebay. You wont find any film for sale on a store shelf. They no longer carry or make film. So if you see ANY kind of film for a Polaroid camera, BUY IT! Don't even think of hesitating. You will make your money back and then some. Trust me. Unless they are like crazy insane priced. Oh and sometimes the vintage camera's will have leftover film in some of them. I got luck and found 2 like that.

Oh I purchased 2 medium sized boxes FULL of used bingo cards. I am going to keep very little and sell the rest on Etsy. You will find them listed in my shoppe later today. I managed to squeeze 28 in a flat rate priority envelope.


Love the bingo cards! As already mentioned, my MIL has gobs of em, but they are "played" with at Cmas.
Cant wait to see what you create, and good luck to all that are seeking to purchase from you with your Etsy listing~~~
Hugs ~~~
3daughters~ Debbie

I just love that sort of thing. I have a small collection of 50s ish coffee makers, that double as vases in my kitchen. 20 or so furry, flowery vintage hats, and more. Thing is I can't bear to part with the stuff, so my house is over flowing... but in a good, Weasly's-house sort of way. Happy hunting.

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