Found: Vintage Mod Aprons, Sheets and Pyrex!

anniescupboards 5 6:04 PM

I found this yellow vintage Pyrex bowl today. $4 and its very shiny & new looking for vintage.

I found this vintage Tupperware tulip Jello mold for .49 cents today.

I found (left) Mod vintage fitted sheet (right) handmade Mod duvet cover. ($2.00 each)

Vintage handmade wrap skirt (reversible $2.00)

Vintage Mod Shirt Apron ($2.00)

Yellow Orange Vintage Mod half Apron ($2.00)

I think I scored a bunch of really great items at really good deals. I feel so lucky to have found so many mod items in one day. If I find one vintage/mod item while thrifting I get excited. So finding this many really had on over load. And for such great deals! I have already given the Tupperware and Pyrex and good bath and they are now in the Pyrex cabinet. I am getting closer to completing that Mod stack of Pyrex bowls. Peek here for a look at what the full set looks like. Now I have the green and now the yellow. But my yellow is the same size as the red. So does that mean I will get lucky and find the red bowl in the size of yellow? HAHA! I doubt it. I am not sure what colors came in these stacks. That is something I will have to research. Do you know? Usually the vintage Pyrex bowls come in the primary set are (and I will go from largest to smallest) yellow, green, red, blue. I plan on selling the vintage aprons at my craft show in October. You can sell vintage. So I shall. I plan on searching high and low in my vintage shops for lots of goodies. I am going to take the green Mod sheet and duvet cover and turn those into happy little aprons and other goodies. Maybe even a dolly. There is a lot of fabric there. I am not sure if I should keep the wrap skirt or not. It fits. But I really bought it so I could use it as a pattern to make myself more. That is going to take some figuring out.

Oh Happy Day! Good finds lots of play time. And to think I was just gonna stay indoors.


Congrats on your great finds...
that material will make cool aprons and such...way to go...

LOVE it! Gosh I remember the jello molds! and I am only what like, 29 ? hehehehee

ding bat me, I am the anonymous above! LOL

oooh sherry i got all excited when i saw your skirt.... i had one of those!!!! It was green and white with the reverse on the other side and green bias binding. i made it and thought i was the ants pantz! You brought back lots of warm and fuzzy memories !! lol jenxo
ps you would love this site....

I can feel your excitement, what GREAT finds you got! Lucky! I just love the sheets, what a cute color and pattern, you'll be able to make lots of great stuff with those! Enjoy!

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