Pretty Vintage Plastic Buttons made into a ring

anniescupboards 3 4:46 PM
I made a ring today. I just purchased some adjustable ring blanks from Etsy and dug threw my collection of vintage buttons that I found this Spring while I was in PA. I hit up a wonderful flea market while I was there and they had plenty for me to stock up on. I am going to offer these rings for sale at my craft show this year. This one is sold. So I guess I should stop wearing it. (giggle) I adore looking at my vintage buttons. They are in jars and some in this adorable vintage candy tin. I have been looking for one forever. Again. I found this on my PA trip this year. Such eye candy for me I tell you.


Hi Sherry! I love your ring...I noticed a tube of E-6000. Is that a kind of glue and how well does it work? Would it be good to glue pin backs to bottle caps? Im having a problem with the backs staying. Looking for something that will hold.

Oh yes girl that stuff if totally the glue to use. It work really good. It takes some time to dry but boy it holds. I used them to glue on pinbacks to wood circles. No problem. Just use outside. It stinks and is horrid for your health. XOXO

I make these and I use a two part epoxy. I find that with the larger buttons they get pulled a lot and the E600 doesn't hold up.

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