Thrift Store finds.

anniescupboards Reply 4:27 PM
I found this handmade vintage feed sack round table cloth at the thrift store for $1.50. You will see this again and again. I am going to use this for a backdrop to show you things.
Things like this. Vintage bracelet that will get a make over along with the napking ring holders. I have plans too for them. I paid 50 cents for everything you see here including the vintage redware kitchen utensil.
I found this vintage bed sheet.
I went looking for just these white crisp cotton bed sheets. (like just going into the thrift store and looking at white sheets and then leaving the store and not check out what else they have to offer....would have ever happen.) I needed to find some white bed sheets to coordinate with some of the green crafting I will be making with those colorful bed sheets I previously purchased. These are full size both are flat sheets and 100% soft crisp cotton. They feel really nice so soft and comfy.
I found this Pottery Barn keepsake keeper for 2 bucks. Memory box? Display Case? Oh call it what you will. I call it a perfect way to store some of my favorite things. This can be hung on the wall or will display nicely on the table like a photo frame. Inside the glass all wood heavy frame there is a padded piece of muslin laid nice and secure for you to pin or attach something to. You will see this again. I have an idea, or 2....maybe 3.

See how well the table cloth looks for displaying? (big smiles)
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