Vintage Raggedy Ann Sheet repurposed into a Skirt

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During Convention I was gifted a vintage Raggedy Ann sheet by one of my friends. I really got a bit excited over it. I have not seen this print sheet at all. Not on Ebay or someones collection. Or I haven't found it yet. She told me to make a skirt from it. I told her she was genius. Cause now that she gave it to me would I really be able to cut it? Yes! After her telling me such a brilliant idea of making it into a skirt. I used a tutorial that I found here. The Polk-a-Dot Cottage. You may see her skirt looks a bit familiar. I have that sheet. After reading her tutorial I realized I already knew how to make this skirt. I used to make Halloween Costumes and that skirt would be used a bunch of time. So off I went and here it is. Yippe! It was really fast to make and the skirt is really comfy to wear! You should try making one.


Oh my gosh! That is just adorable! Great job.

Sherry, that skirt is too cute and so you! Great job girl!

That is soooooooo cute Sherry!!!

What an awesome skirt that made Sherry!!! Love it!

That is so cute Sherry! That would be awesome for you to wear at you shows! Way to make something old new!

squeeee! So darn cute!

I am so glad you all like it! WOO hoo! Thank you so much! XOXO

Just love Raggedy Ann and turing it into a skirt is such a novel idea! Keep up the good work!

That is beyond adorable! I love the top you paired it with, too!

LOVE the sheet you used for this skirt! Looks absolutely darling on you.

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