Big News is coming soon here.

anniescupboards 6 11:31 AM
But not just yet. I have something tell you and can not tell you until it happens to just make sure it is going to happen. But I tell you this.....Its very exciting for me. I have kept this a secret from you for over a year. I wanted to share several times (several, several) but I could not. You just have to have patience with these things and let me tell you something I am not one to have patience. So this was good practice for me. A whole YEAR and I waited. Now I confess some people already know and they should SHUSHY if they don't want a virtual !spanking from me. I do think August/September is when I can share the news. I simply can not wait much longer and thankfully I won't have too. XO


Oh, I can't wait to hear you news! I'll be waiting in anticipation! Hugs!

I think I know!!! HeeHee!!

You sure have been a busy girl Sherry! Love all your new creations. Where in the world did you find all the vintage sheets?

I'm so jealous I don't know the news yet... Wah....for your excitment its gonna be big..

Vanessa / PaintinByFaith July 9, 2009 at 9:35 AM

Yea I am SUPER SUPER excited!!!!!


Oh gosh Sherry! Can't wait to hear what it is!!! How exciting! :)

are you expecting???

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