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Thank you all for the comments you have made. THANK YOU! I am so happy to have my baby sister in my life again. I am so happy to know that I am not the only one making contact with long lost family on Facebook. What an amazing tool we have there. I suggest if your looking for someone get on there and give out as much info as you can in your profile. THEY WILL FIND YOU!

Some of you have been asking how my sisters and I have gotten separated. My sisters and I grew up in a house full of abuse. Mental, sexual, and physical. All four of us. Neither of us got any help after wards either. Eventually 2 of my sisters my youngest and my oldest just took off away from everyone. They just left one day and not a word, not a letter, Nothing. they were gone. Then the weeks turned into months and the months turned into years. Seasons changed and threw them all I was dying inside. Cause I don't have a big family. I don't know any of my family thanks to my mother keeping up separated from them. (uncles, cousins and so forth) I can't even tell you names cause I don't know them. ( my mom has 4 brothers) If I was standing next to them....would never have a clue. All us sisters had was each other. And when that was broken, so was my heart. My older sister is still missing. HOWEVER, I have been informed recently of where she may be. Like I may have her. I am not sure. I will know at the end of Nov. She has to renew something and when she does....I will know if its her or not. Then I have to see if she wants to be my sister again. That will be the tough part. To find out if she wants to be in our lives again. Sometimes abuse takes a toll on a person and they are able to come back from it. Sometimes the abuse is so real till this day even tho it happened years ago that when you see familiar things and people it sometimes just makes it worse. I am not sure where my older sister is Mentally or physically. I just don't know and my heart and prayers go to her all the time.

My little sister is ok. She is more than ok. She is doing awesome. THE LORD made sure of it. HE SAVED HER! God is AMAZING and an awesome God. Let him fight all your battles and watch what he does with them. He turns your misery into happiness. You just have to seek him. He is the small calm voice you hear.


What a blessing that you found her:).
I'm blessed to see you giving God the credit!

I think it's great that you found your sister. I'm continuously campaigning for more help and awareness of all types of abuse. Pam xx

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