Vintage Floral Sheets found and oh how

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Oh yes can you see the bright colors? The floral goodness? That vintage vibe? Me too me too! I adore these fabulous sheets I found. The photo above is a twin size set including the pillowcase.
And these, Oh my goodness. I have 3 complete sets. However I only have one pillowcase. The pillowcase is almost the most worn. I do think one of the flat sheets is a full size. I am just so excited about finding these prints and hope to make some really cute items from them.

I found this reversible apron. Its orange on the other side with the same print just on a small pocket. Its really cute. I love it. I need to wash and iron it.
I found this vintage scale and Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook from the 60's.
This sheet is actually more yellow, my flash just washed it out.
I am now full of scrabble!
Very Autum this vintage sheet, yes? Queen size. Lots of fabric to play with.

Some of you have been asking me where I am finding my sheets. Thrift Stores. Yep. Try Goodwill Stores in your area and also locate your local thrift shops that are church ran or mom and pop's little shop. I have 4 of them really close to me. Then I have 3 others that I can go to if I feel like driving in traffic that day and have enough funds. Sometimes I don't find anything at any of the stores. (Really I dont. I know it seems as if I have been getting alot of good finds lately. I am shocked as much as you are. Many times I do come out with nothing.) Sometimes each store has a little goodie for me. I like that. It makes me feel as if it was worth driving over there. You need to pay attention to the stores specials. Some of them like Goodwill Stores will have color tags. They will then have signs usually located at the front entrance or register area and they will say red, white tags are 50% off. Now I go when they have the sales. Some days they don't have them. Your still getting a great deal tho then buying it retail or at an antique store/mall. So if you see something you like you need to purchase it right then and there. It's not going to be there when you go back. Trust me. Mostly all the stores I visit have this color tag system including the non-goodwill stores. Sometimes they use color marker. I HATE that. Sometimes they just mark willy nilly all over the item. Now since they are using permenant marker, who is going to want/use that? I noticed on some of my sheets they did that. I am just happy I am cutting them up. Some thrift stores do not carry sheets or bedding or any kind of linen. I find that strange. What do they do with it? I know they must get it donated. Everyone seems to donate everything else. I like to check my usual rounds. I explore each area including clothing. But not all clothing. I usually just skim thru the main and look for the apron section which is always very very small. I then look thru the night gown cause for some reason they like to put vintage handmade dresses in there. I then look thru skirts/dresses. I am looking for vintage. So usually this is a fast look there is mostly 90's and current clothing on the rack. This one place I go to have this unreal amount of furnutire and they are always getting in really great, awesome 1940-1960 pieces in there. I wish I could bring some home. One day. I might. They are always priced right. I find this thrift store to be the most afforable. I can spend $10.00 and have 3 bags full. Its that good. Yet, only on days like today can I say that happened. HAHA! Like I said...Sometimes.....nothing. You have to go in all the time. At least once a week. I know. I know who has the time and funds for that. Did I forget to mention flea markets and garage sales? I know. I know.


I can't even tell you how long I have been looking for a set of scales like that. I am an antique freak when it comes to household items like that. The old aprons, rolling pins, kitchen utensils, jars, buttons, I love it all. I now own an antique treadle sewing machine that I am sure would still sew if it had a belt. It had something in the drawer dated 1939. And the vintage pyrex bowls you have, I want those too. I have three of them. A yellow, and green one, and a turquoise one that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

Keep collecting, I love checking out your goodies!!!


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