I got my Create & Decorate Oct 2009 Issue

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This afternoon my hubby got home from work early and had made it to the mailbox before me. He says my you have something here, What is it? I had no idea. I opened the package and discovered 2 copies of the latest Create and Decorate Magazine. Sent to me by them. Wow Thank you Ever so much (people behind the scenes). I have been looking all over for this magazine and its so hard to come by and well now I don't have to go frantic searching. HorraY! I was so nervous opening the magazine. I quickly turned to page 22 and there she was. My doll. In PRINT. Oh my goodness. I can not tell you the flood of emotion that had came over me. Me in a magazine. My goodness. I am so proud of myself for so many different reasons and this is just icing on my cake. I really love how the dolly looks. She was photographed so well. She is on a WHOLE page. A whole page. How wonderful is that? I love that she was photographed in outside surroundings. I must have smiled for 20 mins just gazing.

I have a few friends who are in this issue as well. This one is a must have issue. There are so many good projects in there. You must get the magazine. (I am still going to be getting extra copies and put some in my Etsy shoppe. They will be the same cost as what I paid and you just pay shipping)


I have been looking all over for this issue!! Congrats sweetie!!
HUgs, Shan:)

Congrats Again!! I found an issue today and quickly snatched it up! I will cherish is one forever!

CONGRATULATIONS! I always buy the magazine, but havent seen it out yet. looking forward to seeing you in it!

Congrats on your cute pattern in this Mag! I'll be on my way to Barnes & Noble in awhile, cos ya know I gotta have it!!!!!

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