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Last night I broke in my new sketch book. This is the first time I have such a pretty sketch book. Usually mine are spiral notebooks or drawing pads. My friend made this for me 2 years ago. I am just now using it. She felted a sweater for the cover and needle punched the heart. I am a textured gal and love to feel things and this is right up my alley. I usually get inspired late night and early mornings so I keep a sketch book handy to jot any notes and drawings down. If not I forget. That bugs me. I learned from that so I write it all down. This book is small enough to carry with me places. I like that. I decided to go outside this morning with a cup of peppermint decaf tea and catch all the morning happenings. I love the mornings. I am a morning person. I get up before the sun. I have this built in alarm clock in my body and it never lets me sleep away my favorite time of the day. I just love watching the night leave and the morning creeping in. I adore the nature. The quiet sounds. The birds. The weather. The excitement of a brand new day happening as I see it unfold. It gets me going. I am not a night owl. I am not one of those artist staying up till wee hours of the night. I am unable to even stay awake past 9pm. I have too much excitement or the next morning/day. The earlier I rise the best. I love a 5:30 am crafting session. When does your creativity strike you?


Congrats on your award!
sometimes unfortunate things so you can appreciate the good! you're sooo lucky to have such a nice friend in your life!

My creativity moment will ussually strike at night when I'm too tired to do anything about it but I've learned to keep a journal on my nightstand to jot it down!

I adore textures and prints, lovely sketch book! :)

oh how sweet you are using the journal :) YIPPEE! Love your new layout too!

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