Stitch Rock 2009 Craft Show

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Stitch Rock 2009 was awesome! I would like to thank you personally if you came out to the show. It was a fun time for us crafters to show off our handmade goods and have you LOVE them. There was a bunch of creative people at this show who were vendors. I saw lots of new faces (vendors) I did not see last year. I also got to see lots of creative crafts. I love it. I want to shop myself. But I have to stay in my booth. However before everyone came through the door I did run all over to take photos and check out some goodies. This was my booth. I was going for bright, happy cheerful display. I think it worked, I was told that all day. haha.

I kept changing things around and pulling things up to the front which did help buyers see and want those items. I had so much fun at the show. I really loved hearing all the comments about how cute or how awesome my goodies were. Little girls were falling in love. I was falling in love with their love. My head was swelling with happiness and pride at the end of the day.
So many people were loving the vintage sheets I used in my creations. Lots of them remember them from their past. Or from Gramma's house. It was really nice and so fun to hear someone screaming, "Oh my gosh my gramma had those sheets" and then a story would follow. I love bringing back happy memories to someone. Its so awesome how an item can flood someone with so much memories.

Here are some photos of other booths and tables so you can see what people are selling there. Maybe you will come by next year. Its not all aqua and red, pigtails and dolls.

Boobs and Beer are there. The lady below makes these. They are so fun and cute. They are pillows. Can you imagine these on your bed? I have a habit of using the word boob. "What a boob!" "I'm such a boob!" Then to see them there. haha. Loved it.

Love this gal's creative passion. She repurposes clothing and vintage ones at that. Linens too. She makes the most devine style. No one will be wearing what you find in her closet. You must go see her store.

This was the line to get in. It was only 10:30 am. We did not open till Noon.
The line just kept on growing and growing....
and growing. The vendors and I kept peeking out this window and would see this view. We saw it happen 4 times. Once the line would get short a few mins later boom, long again. We were so happy. My gosh it did get busy when the doors first opened. I think so many were trying to get a goodie bag. There was only 100 of them. I thought there was 150. I think last year there was 15o. Lucky for me I get a goodie bag. All the vendors get a goodie bag. Yipee. There was some very cool things in there this year. I will have to take a photo of it. Next year I must, must must take part in the goodie bag donations. It can be anything you want to donate. Most donate biz cards and maybe candy. Some give buttons and pens, stickers and such. But if I was the shopper coming to this event I would be more interested in the PRIZES they are giving away. They don't give them away as soon as the door opens. So relax and sleep in and show up to the show later and catch the fashion show and win some door prizes and then shop.

Cute n Sweet Cafe is on Etsy, right here! You must see her. This was her first time at Stitch Rock. Her handmade creations are so adorable and fun and very well made. I bought a candy corn necklace charm. I could have bought more. I really could have.

Oh you know I was all over this booth. They have a store here locally and all they carry is 1960's- 1980's wares. ALL MY FAVORITES! I am going to this store as soon as I have money to spend. I really want lots of stuff. I cant even start listing. We would be here all day. Come check them out on Etsy, RIGHT HERE!

Thank you all so much for coming out to the show. Thank you CUSTOMERS! You totally rock by supporting me and my love. I hope to see you next year. Remember I will have lots of new items to tempt you with. XOXO


Oh My God - thanks so much for the tour around this gorgeous market - your stall looked divine and there was so much crafting eye candy there!! If I didn't live so far away ...

What a great show...wish I had been there!

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