Vintage Peanuts Bed Sheets

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I found this full size complete sheet set of Vintage Peanuts. The date is 1971, the year I was born. I am too excited about this find. I ADORE PEANUTS! They are my favorite. I am not sure I will be able to cut into these. Or the other one I found a few weeks back. If I had a full size bed these would be on it right now.
I found yellow Retro Vintage Bed Sheets and 2 pillowcases. I really like them a bunch.
Retro Handmade Vintage table cloth. (round)

I have a Halloween Party that I am going to this weekend. I been looking all through the thrift stores to find something to wear. Its a themed party. 1970's. I really don't like using costumes from a store shelf. Years I have and I promised myself no more. They charge so much money for those costumes and they are made HORRID! They don't fit like the way the photo shows. Most of the time the costumes are way to big on me. Not to mention they never looked finished. Just some hurry up and rush job and not a very good one either. I sew. I make costumes. I have been lazy in the past. But I had little time to sew and make something this year. So what to do? My mind ran all over the place for a costume. I thought what if I was a disco roller girl? I did not want to wear skates the whole night. The party is half in the yard and house and who wants someone walking in skates in their yard or house? So nope. Next I thought of being Daphne from Scooby Doo. Until I saw the store bought costume was made out of velour fabric. In South Florida where I live, its 92 degrees this week. We are in second summer over here. So wearing that is out of the question. I wish we had cool weather this time of year. But we do not. So then I thought the thrift stores must have something from the 70's right? Oh they do. Just not in my size. So I started looking at clothing online from the 70's. I was checking out styles. Looking to see how the hairstyle were. After doing a little research I then headed over to Walmart. Yes Walmart. I went over to the ladies section and found a few dress styles that are from the 70's Era. And since everything that is retro is now in again I was happy to find something that I could make do. But I did not leave it plain. I altered the dress. The dress only cost 15 dollars. You can not even find a costume for that. I then just headed to the fabric dept. and collected lots of disco-ish embellishments. I will have a photo for you soon. I promised I would wait till the day of the party to show off my costume or I would have posted it over the weekend. I love it. The most funny thing tho about it, my sister in law has the same dress but in yellow and she wore it in the 70's. IT LOOKS just like her dress. I wonder if my Mother in Law will loan me the photo so I can do a side by side photo and show you. So while others are shopping in the costume dept and prolly going to show up at this party all wearing identical costumes, I won't be.


my briher used to have have one of those peanuts bedsheets when we werw kids.(around 69-1971) he has an 8 old daughter and she used the shees until a couple of years ago... it brings me good memorie to see it... maritza puerto rico

I had those Charlie Brown sheets:)

I loved em!

One says, "happiness is being too sick to go to school but not too sick to watch tv" I agreed;)


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