Vintage sewing books, pyrex and drinking glasses

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Vintage red Pyrex medium size bowl. Minor scratching and very clean on the inside. I paid $4.00
Vintage 1980's drinking glasses and vintage Creative Hands crafting books. When I was at the thrift store I saw the whole set of these. I have been seeing them each time I go to that thrifted book store. I finally sat down and looked through each book. I only took the ones that seemed fit for me. Its a knitting dressmaking and needlecraft book. I don't knit so I really did not need to get all the books. I purchased volume 1, 3, 9 and 11. I am going to scan and share some of the projects in there. There are such *goodies* in there. The entire set of books are dated from 1966. They have full size patterns in there. I paid .49 cents for the glasses and $1.00 for each book.
Vintage Jar $1.00

I found 6 vintage pink elephant glasses. This is my first set I actually found. Usually you don't find sets thrifting. Your lucky if you find more than one. This is my first official vintage glasses find too. Usually I have been finding 80's drinking glasses. I was happy to see them. I really do not want anyone drinking out of them so I hide them in the cabinet. One of them is broken on the top part. I was thinking of using that one for flowers. Maybe. I just hide them for now. Entire set I paid $4.99. *i know*
Vintage red small Pyrex dish. I have $2.00 for this dish. Can you believe how many dishes I have found these past 2 months? A bunch. I now have full cabinets. Before I had lots of room due to empty cabinets. I never really purchased much kitchen ware before. I do have to make a donation to my local thrift store cause I have items that these items have replaced.
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