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I found this Vintage Mod Floral Suitcase. I have to tell you something. Just yesterday I was looking through Etsy shoppes of people selling these. Drooling. I really wanted one. VERY bad. Why? I don't know. I just saw them and started drooling. They are so cute and loud and bright. At the local craft fair I just vended at, someone was selling a few of their vintage suitcase finds. They were selling them for 30.00 - 50.00 dollars. Ouch. But today, oh my! I walk into the store and I find it for $6.00 but wait today was 50% off day. So I paid $3.00. Oh I know! Its very clean and almost new in the inside. Just a little dusty on the outside. When I was drooling yesterday on was this color combo I was drooling over. How crazy is that?
Vintage Orange Wheat Pyrex dish with lid. I was very excited to see this find. Even more excited when they told me it was 50% off. It looks brand new.
Behold I finally found a Vintage Large Yellow Pyrex Bowl. I was so happy the cost was just $5.00. I saw one the other day at the craft show for 30.00. I was tempted to get it to just get one step closer to my set. But I waited. I am so happy I did. It was just sitting there looking pretty and waiting for me. I just need the small blue bowl now and I will have the full complete set. (click here for a photo of the complete set from Pyrex Love)
I found my first piece of vintage corning ware. I must confess I am not big on corning ware. It has to really jump at me. Like this one did. I love the pops of colors and the flowers.
There are no markings on these Vintage salt and pepper shakers. I am going to guess they are Corelle? I think they are. I will have to research that pattern.
I was hoping to find a 1 quart pitcher. But for it to be Vintage Tang pitcher? You remember Tang right? The orange drink? It even has the lid. There is a little ware on the lid but not much. I am always making juices so this will come in handy and be used a bunch. I had no idea Tang even offered a pitcher.
I am no longer collecting wood bowls but I see them all the time. In fact I sold all mine on Ebay over a year ago. When I go thrifting they are always there. I say no don't buy them. You are no longer into them. But then you find a whole stack of them for so cheap. So you tell yourself to list them on Etsy and pass the good finds to someone who does. So I shall. I found another Peanuts item. This time its a mug from 1964. The wood rolling pin I am adding to my collection. I want a whole stack of them. For display really nothing more.
I found this 1984 Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Machine Embroidery Book. I really have to go back to that store when I have more time to look through all the vintage books they have. I really love books. Not everything is online ya know. Even tho I really think it is. I just love finding vintage sewing books and cook books.
I found 6 vintage Vera Pumpkin Napkins. Yipee just in time for fall. I actually found 2 sets of these. The other set had 5.
I found this oblong table cloth. Its mod and more yellowish than gold even tho its not showing yellow-ish. I am on a table cloth roll huh? I find them for so cheap. And I am not concerned with minor stains and small holes. EVEN tho none of the ones I have purchased lately have any of them. Maybe some fading. I have been really lucky with that.
I found these vintage Christmas napkins. 6 of them.
I found this vintage oval redware tablecloth.
I found this vintage set of red sheer kitchen curtains. I paid a whole dollar for them.
I also found a little bit of vintage fabric that is really thick. Those baskets are from a fast food restaurant and made their way to the thrift store and I brought them home. They will be very useful I am sure in the kitchen or crafting.

I am so happy I had to drop off a few things at my Mother in law's house today or I would have never found these items. Its just so hard for me to pass a thrift store. I wonder what is in there and what kind of deal I could be getting. Today was 50% off day. In a thrift store that is very very good. I have thrift stores all over here and every time I run an errand there I go passing one. I know you wonder how do I always manage to find these vintage items. I will tell you something. Years ago and still till this day, almost everyone comes to Florida to retire. They bring their precious belongings with them.
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