Box Bottoms on dolls

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This is what a box bottom looks like on a handmade doll. Pretty much like a box. Now I am a stuffer. I like to stuff my bodies nice and tight when I make a box bottomed doll. I want them to stay seated. I also stuff a little bit of fish rocks (you know the kind from the aquarium) To give them a little bit of weight to them. I know you can use those poly pellets but I do not think they are heavy enough to keep the dolls up right. Now maybe If I made them bean bag style and loose in the stuffing then I could be ok. But I like firm bodies on my dolls. Its a texture thing. You know how I am about texture in art. I am sure you could use other materials to stuff your dolls but remember if you are selling your dolls you can not stuff them with food (beans, rice, etc) Mice just love that stuff and they have a wonderful sense of smell and the post office has some rules about shipping food products to certain countries and it might look like your smuggling. (haha that is funny to think of rice being smuggled) but its a health violation actually.


What a great tip! I am going to try to make a doll and this is good to know! Thanks!

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