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A completely cheezy grin by me cause the tooth pain is gone and you (cant see the hole) Did you know know Target is carrying oodles of leggins, stockings, knee highs and thigh high socks and all in yummy colors and patterns? Me either till I went this weekend. Go there, now!
I made this diaper cake. Its all full of newborn diapers. She wanted her cake made this way. She pointed to a photo she found via Google and I happily made it for her. EVEN tho I hated that I could not add things to it to spice it up. I did put monkeys on there. SO there. Take that. And they are pins so she can put them anywhere she pleases. I love the cake stand. No I adore it so. I wish there was another so I could have asked hubby for one.
She LOVED it all. Yipee!
So I was making my first Jello mold. I made it for Thanksgiving. As you can see from my sad photo the Jello never made it out of the mold. I should have started the Jello sooner but I almost forgot about it completely. I was feeling that "I just got my tooth pulled" pain and I had taken some meds and well....I lost track of 2 hours and woke up drooling all over my sofa. Really it was not pretty but I felt way better than before. The Jello was yummy. I mixed strawberry/banana and raspberry and it was delicious and everyone had some. But look at it. Haha thankfully I have a crafting blog and not a food blog cause of my lack of cooking skills. I can do some yummy dishes I am not pathetic now. I just have to make things a few times to perfect it. I learned a few things and will try harder next time. I think hubby might need some jello later. He got his tooth pulled today. Oh my we are all getting our dental work done and some of us are hating it. Hubby is good about it, I hate it and I am a big baby, I don't deny it.

Oh remember that ornie I said I would share with you? You remember look here. Here is that ornie. You just stitch the facial features on and then blanket stitch close. Have fun making them!
Remember they are for personal use only. I don't own the rights, I just make them at home for my tree and package tags.


Aw!!!!! Love it!!!! Thanks much!!!!

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