Handmade Barbie Tutu and Cardi

anniescupboards Reply 9:50 AM
I just made this tutu for Barbie. Sewing with sheer soft fabric is NOT one of my favorite things to do. I am shocked I actually finished this. I tried making a dress earlier and I just could not understand the patterns directions and I set it aside to take a crack at making this. I think sometimes if I just set aside the directions and figure it out on my own I do a better job with the sewing.
I made this purse for Barbie.
I also made this cardi sweater for her.
I have been watching season one of Battlestar Galactica. I really love Sci-fi shows and movies. I have seen this already. Hubby has not. We are getting ready for the final season 4.5 but in order to watch it I am making hubby watch season one first so he knows what is going on and not asking me every 2 seconds for info. (hate that) I am ready for 4.5. I have not seen much of it. I tried watching them all. But you know...life gets busy. I really love that you can buy seasons of TV shows. Lets us who are busy sewing or sleeping catch up. No commericals. Thank God. I heard the government is passing a law to FORBID stations from making the volume so loud for some of those commericals. Can't they sell without the yell? Soon they will have too. Oh and since I am on the topic of commericals, you know I love fun ones. Ones that make you sing or get stuck in your head or that are really funny. Now ones I hate? Reebok has one right now. They insist that if you wear their sneakers your bum will improve. Lies. Sure if your doing squats and cardio and training your body. Just wearing them in bed won't help. And I really like how they use ladies who really have no behinds at all and tell us that WE will look like them? I really don't need the full up close shots either. Seriously this is a commercial right? Take a peek here if you dare or want to. I prefer commericals like this classic. Remember this one? We get the point of what they are saying and we didn't need to get up close and personal either. My how commericals have changed.
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