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I hope you had a nice Christmas this year. We were all smiles around here. It was a very nice day. I find it funny how I am the one awake and ready to go very early Christmas morning and the kids sleep in. After an hour and 30 mins. I woke them up. We went to my Sister in laws house Christmas Eve this year. My Mother in law made us all dinner. I did not have to cook this year and I was ever so thankful. My Mother in law makes the best food.
This is what my Sister in law received for Christmas! Oh Yes I was a bit jealous. Not too much cause I did some adopting myself this year. Last week my stray gray kitty that comes around was not doing so well. He had a swollen paw and I was so terrified for him. I could not live my life knowing this little creature was in pain and hurt and he only comes to me. I scooped him up and took him to the Vet's office. A new office too for me. I am not a big fan of my last vet and have been looking for a new one and well I found one. They won't do anything for cats unless they test them for diseases and such and so we had to test him and that brought fear to me cause lets face it...I LOVE this cat already. Thankfully, He passed. He is healthy and does not even have a flea on him. Well that was cause I been treating him for fleas. He is now mine. OFFICIALLY. I adopted him. Hooray. I have 3 cats now. Lord help us.

New Sunglasses. I adore sunglasses and since I live in Sunny South Florida, they go hand in hand with each other. I own several pairs. How did they know I love them so? (giggle)
Santa spoiled me Christmas Day. I finally got Mod Beck Barbie. I have been waiting for her to come to my house for OVER a year. I found out about her just as Christmas passed last year. Her price tag was 129.00. OUCH I know. (she has gone down in price since then, you just have to know where to find them)Now I am new to collecting Barbie's. I just started these past 2 years. I am not out to collect every single Barbie ever made. I just want to collect the ones that scream "play with me". I actually play with my dolls. I do not leave them in the box. I do not sit and stare. I play. I sew for them. I dress them up. I make funny voices and make them talk and I love giving them a fashion show with lots of photography. Oh there is playtime going in with these dolls. I am sure the person who collects will prolly gasp at this but what fun is staring at dolls? Especially through plastic. Not touch and play? Eeek. Just the thought of it. I adore this Mod Becky. Mod Becky is Francie's friend. Francie is Barbie's friend. Mod Becky was never sold. They made oodles of her and set her aside in 1971 and never released her. Her name and image was seen on several of Francie's clothing packages and such. Magazines were telling little girls to keep a look out for her. But she never came. She was born the same year as me. 1971. (another reason I love her) She has different feet than Barbie. She is a bit shorter than Barbie. I really love all the goodies that came with her.
Reproduction Midge and Allan Barbie Dolls.
Here are all my Barbies!
Oh and I also bought 2 more Barbie Clothing patterns. I have lots to play with now.

Its been a very busy fruitful year. I am really excited and looking forward to 2010. What shall I do? What shall I make? Where am I going? Lets find out together shall we?

Thank you for all coming to hang out with me and visit me in 2009. I adore each of you and hope to be able to keep blogging along with you. XOXO


Lovely puppy! So cute.And nice Barbie collection!

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You are so cute and fun...I love visiting you...Have a Happy blessed New your new Barbie.....blessings

yay! Another grown up who collects Barbie's!!

have you got a Flickr account?

Hi! I am new to your blog, just out there looking for people like me... who still play with their dolls. It is refreshing to find you! If you love Barbie, check out my blog at

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