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I took this photo with my Iphone. Hubby and I were walking around a toy store so I could check out the latest of local offerings. I about gasped my heart out when I saw this set. $89.00 for this set. (yikes) I have seen them cheaper online but to be able to see them in person is fantastic. Sometimes you only get to see stock photos of the dolls and of course those are not the same as seeing them in person. Ken has flocked hair. (flocked meaning fuzzy like the GI Joe had in the 70's?) There is a bunch of detail in this set. I started asking hubby how much do you think this set was when it first came out? I really love this set. A whole whole WHOLE bunch. They did not come home with me. Yet someone did.
1964 Swirl Ponytail Barbie.
My kids and hubby gasp when I open the box. These boxes are actually easy to open. Just take the top off and there you go. There is no tape or flaps. This box is way better than some of the others. They have flaps. I am careful when I take them out. I don't ruin the box and sometimes I leave things in the box. Like I never take the cards or mini pamphlets that come in there. Even tho I am itching to scan them and look at them in full detail. Maybe one day I will. Most of the time I don't even use the stand the comes with the doll. One of my boxes did not come with one. Sometimes I even leave some of the clothing and toys inside. But I may take them out later. What can I say. I play with Barbie. I totally took that record player out. Both records fit on the turntable and the arm on the record player moves side to side keeping the record in place. Just in case your one of them wondering cause your staring at yours instead of playing.
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