Teacup Pin Poke

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I like that way that sounds. Teacup pin poke. I feel like if I say it really fast, I am speaking another language. I made a pincushion or mini sewing caddy. This is a very easy project to do and so much fun. The best part? Thrifting is involved. You have to go to your thrift store and pick up some teacups or mugs. You will also need to pick up a few saucers. You can mix and match colors and prints. The saucer does not have to match. You can use a larger plate if you need more space for sewing items. I used plain white. You will need 2 kinds of glue. I used a hot glue gun and E6000 glue. That glue is stinky and dangerous. You should read the package and follow the directions. It really works really great. You need to let it dry. Overnight preferred for the best set. It sets up in a few hours but its not superglue with lightening fast dry time. I used E6000 on the buttons. I tried the hot glue gun and they were popping off by themselves. I did use hot glue for the ribbon and rick rack and to secure the fabric. I just made a large yoyo and stuffed it with polyfil. Then closed it and glued that into the cup. I glued the cup to the plate. That way when your carrying all your sewing goodies to the sofa you don't loose or drop anything. (use e6000 for this job) You could make so many different versions of this. Its very addicting. Don't be shy use some with Pyrex or vintage Corelle dishes. I am making a variety of them for my show in March.


this is really so cute! i have soooooo much sewing stuff...i'd need one of those "cups" that are really a planter!

too cute! I made a tea cup pin cushion a few weeks ago...I should take a pic of mine...its not as cute as yours though!

Too cute Sherry I love it :) I have a few mis-matched cups/saucers in my stash and am going to make one just for me!

Hi, I love your blog,It´s very very nice!!
Regards from Spain!!

Thank you for your sweet comments. I am happy you like it. Oh my, HI SPAIN!! XO

oooo i really love your Tea Cup Pin Poke! It is so cheerful!
(((Hugs to you my friend))))

I love your blog! this is so so cute

xo, C.
owl wings

Hola, me encantó tu blog tienes ideas maravillosas, y la idea de la tasa me gustó y me inspiró tanto que me hice una para mí, siguiendo cada una de tus indicaciones. Gracias. Que Dios te bendiga.

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