2 bags and 6 dollars

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I found this adorable vintage Linette floral tin. Its perfect. I am gushing over it hard. I paid $2.00. I am not sure what to keep in it yet. I am keeping in my bedroom. Its just so pretty.

I found another theormos. This one is from 1971 and is made by King-Seeley. This is a heavy one. It hold a pint of liquid. It's metal not plastic like my other ones. The top and the inside is all plastic and very very clean.
I found this full size fitted pink and purple floral sheet. Its very pink and very pretty. I was going to sell it in my Etsy shoppe and then I noticed it had a sewn mark and you can tell. There must have been a hole at one point and the previous owner sewed it together. Not very good either. Its just a small area, but it qualifies as scrap fabric now. I can see a few things being made from this. I really love the flowers and the color combo.
This must be a king size sheet. I am not sure. If it is I might not cut it apart like I was planning to.
I paid 25 cents for each of these fans. They are from the 60's. They are from Japan. They are vintage. They all open. There is very little flaws on them. The lady at the counter told me that she was in the back when they were marking those the other lady in the back told her to throw those away. That no one would buy them and they are junk. WHAT? I told the girl oh my, please please please, sell everything. Someone like me will come in and buy it. Just you wait. She said "Your PROOF". I told her I come to shop for myself, my house and my crafting supplies. So what others feel is junk is not really. Its someone elses taste, just not yours. Hopefully I filled her with knowledge and she will pass it around so others will not throw out what they think is "junk". Look at those fans. They are adorable. So not junk. Not to me anyhow.
I really do not even know what these are. They are pretty and aqua. Tiny small glass plates. I got all these thrifty items for $6.00. I love thrifty scores. I am going to gush over my tin some more. I am sure to think of something to put in there.


I couldn't resist. I love your site. I found it looking for fabric belt tutorials because I'm trying to finish my ends of my first fabric belt.

I'm wondering if the last pic in this post are butter pat dishes. You did say they were tiny, but not how small. I love butter pat dishes. I've only seen them in porcelain.

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