Fabric Ruffle Cuff & buttonholes

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I have been busy for the last few days sewing away. I am in total creation mode from here on out for an upcoming craft show I am attending as a vendor. So while I am busy making things I was itching to play with my buttonhole maker on my sewing machine. I thought goodness "this is gonna be too hard". "You prolly just need to stick to safe areas", "Stay back in your comfort zone in sewing". I almost talked myself out of it. I never listen to myself anyhow so there I was reading the manual and installing the buttonhole foot on my sewing machine. I was making buttonholes and in all sizes till my hearts content. I was loving it. I loved it so much I made a creation I was thinking about making "if I only knew how to sew a buttonhole". Well now I do. And I sat there and did not quit till I figured it all out. With the help of Google, my Bernina sewing machine manual and this blog. I was able to understand and see how mine would work. I don't have the same sewing machine. I have a 230 but we all use the same feet on our machines. I felt like such a champion. I was going around screaming, "I can make buttonholes"! So off I am to make all kinds of different cuffs for my show. I am really just too excited about it. Last year zippers. This year buttonholes. Hooray!


So cute Sherry, glad you got out of that comfort zone!! I have been busy sewing too :) FUN!

This looks so cute! I'll definitely try it also and wear it as bracelet :)

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