Thrifty finds of the weekend

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My newest thrifty love is vintage nightgowns. Not just any either. Cute ones. Ones that cover. Even a few slips have made it into my house. This weekend I found all of these. In one store no less. I do not like sleeping in silk or satin. I sweat. I am not sure why they sell nightgowns and sheets in these fabrics. They are certainly more for looks than to use. I prefer nylon. Its breathable, its soft and you sleep like a baby. Why are all the vintage nightgown adorable and the new ones on the store racks so icky? Someone is slacking in sleepware design.
2 yummy vintage pillowcases. I found 2 new sheet sets and have them listed in my Etsy shoppe. I know already. I did it before I even came here. I am proud of myself. Usually I have to run here and tell you all first of my finds.
I found another Tupperware container. Vintage and yellow. I may not have a full set of the same colors but I do have a full set of fun colors.


I love all of your thrifty finds and love the same stuff you do..I have the pyrex bowls in the aqua and the 3 rust/fall patterns..I love them and use them all the time..I love yellow and red in decorating too..:) Have a great week..:)

Oh Thank you CAT! I just can get enough. I would lOVE to find some more Pyrex in red.

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