Pyrex Stacking Bowl Set

anniescupboards 3 2:39 PM
I found this entire set at one store. At the expensive thrift store, and I was shocked to see it marked for only $12. Usually they would mark each piece $12. That location is usually expensive. I was very happy to see it all nice and clean and not scuffed. Sometimes you see them all yellow and dingy. You can clean them when they are like that. When the pattern and color are scuffed it makes it hard for me to get excited over. There is nothing you can do for that. This is the Butterfly Gold #2 pattern. I really love that yellow one. I thought I had one of these bowls already. Turns out I do. Its the Butterfly Gold #1. Not the whole set. I just have one piece. its the same size as the one all the way to the right in the photo above and its the same color. The pattern is the same but the design is different.


Oh I love the pyrex them..I have a turquoise set and a fall colored set.I use them more then I do the modern stuff.I love the vintage look..:)great finds..they definitely would have been more where I live.:)

Delicious cool find! I love the BG!

I dont know why they have to mark the pyrex so costly. It's so not right. Sometimes I will find Fire King there just being given away. They only mark up the Pyrex. And even if its dirty and worn its still costly there.

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