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My sister gave me an Ebay gift card for the holidays and I have been itching to use it on something vintage in Barbie. I have been looking and researching a bit on Etsy and Ebay for a Barbie house. It had to be a vintage one. I was hoping to find one that was not too damaged, not that big but large enough to play with. Ebay and Etsy are really good sources for online vintage shopping. You may not always find the right price you want but you will be sure to find at least what your looking for. You must be patient when looking. Sometimes weeks will go by. Just keep searching. Ebay is all about word play when looking for an item. Some people will say Fashion Doll and not use the word Barbie in their listing. Some will use home and not house. So if I am looking up Barbie house. I might not find what others have listed and it could be the same thing I am looking for. I really had no idea actually what house I wanted. I knew that I wanted something I can use for photos. I would like to have backgrounds when showing off my Barbie clothing I make. I have the dolls, why not a home? Oh and besides, I just wanted a house to play with. I had saw a few homes of Barbie. I totally remember the Dream House. It came in pink too. My friend had the 3 story townhouse. I liked this one so much as a kid. I loved the elevator. Yet for what I need the dream house and the townhouse are a little too big. Where am I going to put that? If I leave it out, who is going to dust it? So I kept on looking. The 1962 Dream house? Oh I do love that one. I found one locally but it was in bad shape. Very bad shape and very dirty and water damage. I really liked how you can close it up. So I started looking for homes that closed up. There are so many houses you can find. Sometimes you can not find the one you are looking for. I found this *perfect* country living house and fell in love. Its from 1971. It really had all the wants I was wanting. I was able to buy it now and not have to wait for an auction. Thank Goodness. I really do not like getting on that auction side. The house is in perfect shape. Like, almost brand new. Everything was very dusty all over. I had to really scrub good. Nothing is damaged. No broken parts, no dents, no dings, a little scribble mark on the headboard and a 2 worn spots on fireplace side. The kitchen doors are like new. Stiff in fact. This house was hardly played with. Well, until now. I like That I can close it all up into a box and put it away. There is a handle on top for easy carry. There is a lock that locks when the box is all closed up. I like that mine came with a kitchen table and 2 chairs. A bed. A sofa and chair with a coffee table. I will have to share more photos but here is a little bit of the inside first. I like the backgrounds and colors. So many. Great eye candy for me.

(sneak peek of the back)

I like that I only paid 30 dollars for it too.


I love your vintage Barbie House!!
It´s wonderful

never knew they had this one..I have the barbie tent and the barbie little sister had the 3 story town house and the winnebago...the town house got taken over by the planet of the apes dolls..oh those were great times..I love yours and I love your kewl barbies too...I still have my barbie and Ken..trying to sell it all as I don't play with them any more..

How it....blessings on your week....

I had this as a girl. It was my favorite house. It's almost impossible to find so you got really lucky! I think I'm jealous. I do hope you enjoy it!

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