April, National Child Abuse Month

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I am coming today to tell you of something close to me. Child Abuse. Today there is nothing vintage to show you. Nothing crafty to see here. I am taking this moment to let you know that April is child abuse awareness month here in the United States. Abuse happens all over not just in America. Everyday should be awareness day and all over the world.

When I was a little girl, I was abused. I was sexually, verbally, physically and mentally abused. All 3 of my sisters were, not just me. My mother never stood up for us. We told her what was happening and she did not do anything. We heard things like. "You just want him for yourself" or "stop lying". I was 9 years old when I told on my stepfather. My mother rather used the belt than to listen to me or any of my sisters. Eventually, when I finally got brave and decided that I was no longer going to take the abuse, I called the police. I told on them. I told them everything that happened. THAT day changed my life. Not in what you think where everyone was arrested and we were finally saved. No, that didn't happen. In fact, Nothing happened to either of them. What happened was me. I was speaking out. I was not going to take it anymore. I threw my voice at everyone. I stood up to my Mother and wasn't gonna take it anymore. Why was she standing up for someone who was hurting us? Why was she leaving us at night to go to work and leaving him home with us after only knowing him for less than 6 months. How can a Mother tell her own flesh and blood to SHUT UP when someone is hurting them so bad?

Some of us have or had no one to stick up for us. This is where you come in. You need to step up and speak up for them. DON'T LET THE ABUSE GET SWEPT UNDER THE RUG! You have no idea how hard it is for the child to speak up. The shame. The shame alone kills every bit of happy you had and will kill every bit of happy you have no idea that is coming. You are dead inside. You feel alone. You feel dirty. You feel sad. So sad. You feel as if you can trust no one. That everyone is an abuser. WHY? Cause you been conditioned to feel this way.

In the news you can see lots of people coming forth and talking about abuse in the Church lately. Today we live in a techno age where lots of people can gather and have a voice. You are going to see more people coming out. Abusers hide behind many things. They use their job to harm. They use their trust. And those that hide the abusers are just as bad as the abusers. I can tell you that personally. If your hiding or covering up for them, YOUR JUST AS EVIL, and might as well be put in the same jail cell. Let them speak! ITS BEEN FAR TO LONG and we are no longer going to SHUSHY this subject under the rug. I support you all standing up for your rights. What happen to you was horrible. Shame will be upon those who did the abusing. No longer do you have to carry shame. You deserve justice.

The years after the abuse are devastating. You have to get help. What happen to you was not your fault. You had no choice in the matter. I love you. I care about you. I don't know you. BUT I KNOW YOU! We have something in common. Something others don't want to have but we do. I can tell you this. GOD saved me. He did. I fell on his feet and raised my arms and gave myself to him. He has taken all the pain away from me. No, HE REALLY DID! He replaced all the guilt and shame with happy and with love. SO much love. I never felt love. I can feel it. I can feel God's love on me and I cry with tears. Tears of happiness.

Don't be afraid. I will hold your hand. Make the call.

YOU don't have to live in silence anymore.

I am a survivor! I am a fighter.
You can't hurt me anymore.
I am worth it.

"I want you never to forget that every day someone loses their dignity.
Healing takes courage and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it." Tori Amos

National Domestic Violence Hotline.
1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

RAINN - The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Hotline
800-656-HOPE (4673)

Stalking Resource Center
800-FYI-CALL (800-394-2255)

The Miles Foundation for victims of military sexual and domestic violence

National Center for Victims of Crime
800-FYI-CALL (800-394-2255)

Child Help USA National Child Abuse Hotline
800-4A-CHILD (800-422-4453)
800-2A-CHILD (800-222-4453)

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
800-THE-LOST (800-843-5678)

Written by me in 2005:
Mother Mother are you there?

Are you listening?

Do you hear me??

I just called out your name.

Can you just let the door close?

Mother mother can you hear your little girl? She is standing in front of you crying and in shame. Mother mother can you hear the cries? Why do you shut your door and ignore those you bore?

No one listens to this little girl. She has no courage or strength to hold her head high. She
Slips through the cracks and no one hears the fall. All the little girls make fun of what use to be. She cant hold on much longer. She will slip and fade away.

Mother mother can you hear me?? I am calling your name.

Can you help me, hold my hand?

Silent stares and evil eyes are upon us and we haven’t got much time.

Are you going to hold my hand and take me through the journey of life or just leave me out the door and pretend to the good wife?

Its closing and I fear my dear that you never wanted to open it at all. Cries of hurt and silent faces, truths being told and jerks coming to every vacation.

Seasons past and you stood in front of that door way to long. I cant speak no more. There is nothing more to say. My cries unheard and seasons changed. This little girl grew up with out you. A family of her own and truths to be told. Her children she bares will know of life and never will her door be closed.

Mother Mother I hear you knocking at my door. Seasons changed and time has past but Mother Mother not in my house. The locks have been put up and there are not coming down. Chains of armor surround that little girl. She has a voice and the truth will be told.

You can not pretend no more. No one is at my door.


I'm behind you 100% Sherry. I campaign here in the UK for the NSPCC - National Society for the Protection of Cruely to Children. Everybody all over the world needs to speak out for abused children. Lets stop this hurt once and for all. Not just this month but every month and every year. Pam XOXO

Sherry - God Bless You for all that you are doing. People must speak out against these atrocities.
Yes - God can show the way - I firmly believe it. You are very special and thank you for writing so frankly and championing National Child Abuse Month.
All Peace and Joy, Dee

I am so sorry you've gone through that. Child abuse is one the deepest forms of abuse a human can perpetuate on another.

I am so sorry that you know that too well.

I am so proud of your strength and courage in speaking about what you have gone through and supporting other to do the same.

(And PS I really enjoy your blog! I don't comment usually because think "Oh that's cute" lol)

I have been healed. I can hold my head up high and want others to do so again. I have shared this story many times before. I will share it many times in the future.

XOXO Thank you all so much for your support! I am happy to be able to help others. Even if it's just to let them know, they are not alone.

I am so sorry that you and your sisters had to endure the torture and neglect that you did.You are a very strong woman and I give you all the respect that you deserve then and now. I am going to leave my email address with you because I need some advice and would rather not have it posted at this time. If you can find the time I hope you will email me. Best wishes, Jennifer....jenfromky@gmail.com

Thank you for speaking out.

I'm so sorry you had to go though that.

You are very strong. God bless you.

so sad that this abuse is far too common. i am sorry that you suffered as a child but am glad you found your voice and used it. hope you enjoy peace now.

I too am a survivor of sexual, emotional, and mental abuse and have to sadly add ritual abuse as well.

Thanks for sharing the info and your story. I did not have any memories of any of my abuse until I was in my late thirties...!!!

I am still healing at age 62 and so very glad that it is being brought out into the open so hopefully it will stop.

Sending you cyber hugs from my heart to yours !!!

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