Recycling plastic to wear

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I have been playing with plastic. We purchased some new bedding over the weekend and it comes in that plastic bag. Usually I could use the bag for storing things. I have vintage suitcases for this now. What to do with this plastic........Oh I know! Make stuff from them. I like those glass necklaces with the silver or gold border trims and you put things inside of them. I tried my own version using 2 pieces of plastic and binding. I used photos from a 1940's vintage magazine. I used vintage bed sheets. There is endless amounts of items you can use in these. You don't need just flat items either. You can use buttons, charms anything. I am going to make a few more of these for my indie craft shows. I plan to make them into necklaces, key chains, purse tags, brooches and book markers. I am eventually going to list a few of these items I have been making in my Etsy shop. I just became aware of all the lovely things I show you and never give you a chance to get one.

Thank you for all your emails, posts and words of encouragement. THANK YOU! Its been tough these last few days. It's never easy to loose someone. XOXO I have not forgot about the contest I talked about in previous posts. I am still having it. Just need some time to get back into the swing of things. ITS COMING VERY SOON!


Those are wonderful! I like the one that has "thrift" best :)
Sherry I want to introduce you to my Friend Colleen! Shes a Crafty thrift loving gal and is currently re working her blog to be about sewing, hand made artsy stuff and I think you might enjoy it!
Stop on by and Tell her I sent you! She's gonna love your stuff!

HiYa Mick! I will head on over to see her blog! Thanks for passing me her info. I just ADORE theater! I see she is into the ART of acting as well as sewing.

Sherry!! What a wonderful and neat idea? I also have a few of those plastic bags stuffed in a closet. Thanks for sharing!


OH my heck, I can't believe it! I actually did this a couple of years ago with some thick plastic that I had. I am so happy someone else thinks along the same lines. Very cute things you came up with!

I just found your blog on networked blogs and I absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for all the cool posts and projects. Can't wait to read through the entire thing!

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