Poly-fil Stuffing vs others

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There is quite a debate (by crafters) on what stuffing is best. There is a variety of stuffing out there. I have used all kinds. I myself prefer Poly-fil brand and use it all the time. I like it. Some complain that its too "slippery" for them. Well to me that's the best kind of stuffing. it slips into what ever your stuffing easy! I like the way it feels. It expands. I like to take a small amount, separate any chunky parts and then squish it back up, stick small amounts into the item I am stuffing and use a pencil or a dowel rod. (no I don't use a hemostat) some like that tool. I never found a use for it. I like the pencil or dowel rod for my stuffing. I just keep putting the stuffing in till its nice and full and I move the stuffing around to make facial features stand out more. I find other stuffing too hard to manage, lumpy, feels icky to hold. (you know I am a texture gal) Sure poly-fil costs a little bit more. Its worth it. I love it. The other stuff does not lay nice once its been stuffed in. It will bulk up and make some parts feel lumpy. Or like a rock. Poly-fil fills every space and expands so when you go to hug my dolly you get plushy love with no lumps! I love that. So there you have it. Now you know my take and what stuffing I use.


I have also used other stuffing and found it to be too lumpy. I also will only use poly fill. You are right it is slipper and movable, which I love. I always use my 40 or 50% coupons at joanns with my 10% decorative painting membership card from SDP (only for joanns) and tax ID # so I don't have to pay sales tax....

The best kind I have ever used is
AIRTEX but it is a little more expensive and hard to find.. Hobby Lobby used to carry it and think they stil do.. I buy the 5 lb. boxes.
I have used many different brand but this is by far my favorite for dolls.

Thanks for listening..

I have so many friends who shop at this "Hobby Lobby" Store. I want to! We don't have one here. Airtex huh? I will have to take a peek and see how it plays.Thank you for the info Maurine. I love playing and trying new stuff. I really must confess I hate stuffing. I do so many at one time this may be why I cry about it. haha But stuffing is just ugh. I rather be sewing how about you all?

I always use polyfil stuffing for my crafting. Others that I have tried get lumpy. I love Hobby Lobby
stores. I think I like sewing better than stuffing also.

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