Vintage Sheet finds for Tuesday

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I keep finding suitcases. I am not complaining. I love it when I find them. I love the vintage ones. You can do so many things with them. All of these I am going to change/alter in some way. I will not touch the insides. They are perfect and in great shape. I have such a good idea for these. I can't wait to play.
I found this vintage lamp. Its brand new. Yet it is vintage. Its from the early 60's. The brackets are taped to the back and so are all the parts you need to hang this up. Except a chain. You will need a chain or some light rope. I am going to offer this for sale in my Etsy shop. I know someone who is decorating their kitchen in this decor would love to find this.
I found another Vintage Tupperware canister. I have this one already. I think in a smaller size.
I found this twin size vintage yellow sheet. Its going into my Etsy shop. So is the one below this yellow. This one is so pretty. Its a queen size flat sheet. Red and pink roses. Perfect too.
This is a yellow tablecloth. I bought it from my friend. She is moving and had a mini yard sale inside her house. I love that idea. Yard sale IN the house.

The vintage sheet above and below are both going into my Etsy shop.

The sheet set above is a twin size and so is the one below. Both going into my Etsy shop.
I found this rainbow sheet. Its fitted. ITS KING SIZE! My size just wrong pattern. Did you have this in the 80's like I did? Its so awesome. Rainbows are totally in again. Do they ever leave? Hopefully never. Off to Etsy this one is going too.
Something for me? YES! I found a vintage apron. I love the colors and style. I am still wearing it.

I found a single blue pillowcase and below 2 pillowcases.
I found 3 soft as ever pillowcases. The sun came out of course in full force and was blocking how true and colorful these actually are. One of the sides of the pillowcases was falling apart. I am so happy I know how to sew and have a sewing machine. I quickly sewed it up and now its ready for the wash. I am not selling any of the pillowcases. I am a pillowcase hog. I know. I was very very lucky to find all these sheets today. My poor Etsy shop is empty.


I'm on the hunt for a few vintage train cases to alter. I hope I am as fortunate as you've been with your suitcase finds.

Happy altering to you! :0)

OH man those train ones are so hard to find. Good Luck in your hunting!!

I just found your blog after googling "how to make fabric buttons," and I'm just loving it! These vintage sheets are so lovely.

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