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I am so super excited about a local place we have that is fairly new. It's a reuse center. Donations can be made anytime and they have a thrift store next door so if you have anything you are sick of drop it off over there. And if your recycling and don't want to see items in the landfill, clean them/scrub good and send them over. Not only do people like you and I donate to them. Companies do too. I know the local Fort Lauderdale Whole Food Store is always donating. I am sure you have heard me talk about them? Its called Trash 2 treasure Creative Reuse Center. take a peek at their site and get to know them. They have a small video that will give you more of a peek than my photos. I have been here 3 times already. One time to check them out when I went to the Swap-o-Rama. Then I took hubby one time and then I went myself. I just love it. I am trying to gather supplies for my craft show that is coming in Oct. 2010 and I am trying to limit the amount of money I spend on crafting supplies. The reuse center is perfect for this. You can go in there and just look around get inspired by pure junk. Ok junk to other people, maybe. Treasure to those who craft. Crafters like me love to create and repurpose its use. If your local and your drinking wine save all your corks. Bottle drinkers save all your caps. Metal and plastic. They take them all. Jars that your food came in. ALL of them even with the lids. Plastic cups from your pudding, yogurt, applesauce! Yes they take them. I went looking for baby jars and I found a whole bunch of different ones/sizes. I was so happy. My friend is no longer buying baby food cause he baby is no longer a baby and now a toddler and I was wondering last year where I was going to get my baby jars from. Wonder no more after learning about this place.
This is the fabric area. I went through so many boxes and found all kinda of good scraps worthy of taking home. Seeing how I am a doll maker as well as a seamstress as well as a crafty gal. I am able to get all kinds of uses for this stuff. There is all kinds of fabric in there. Patterns, textures you name it. Someone donated some scraps. Those are my 2 reusable bags on the bottom. I only filled up one bag. But it was heavy and full of jars and spools and fabric. I found some wood frames. You can see the site for more info on how much it cost to shop in there. I use the daily rate. Its 10 bucks for 20 lbs and 1.00 a lb after that. This is all a donation. It is what keeps them open. So I am totally happy with the cost and the donating part. You cant buy this kinda good stuff locally for that much. Try shopping in your local fabric store for scraps. Go ahead. I make barbie doll clothing, baby doll clothing and rag doll clothing. I am seriously coming back for more. I promised myself only get what you need now. Cause if I were to shop more I would have had 40 lbs of stuff and not 25 like I came home with. My first visit I only had 4.5 lbs. I laugh at that now. I was more into over load of ideas when I got in there. I must tell you its a warehouse. There is no air conditioning. They do have the doors open and there are fans in there and they offer you all the ice cold water, all you can drink. I bring mine so I don't have to panic run to the front for some. Back door by the fabric area, best spot ever for cross breeze. So if your sweating it up head over there. (if your standing in the view of my photo above, your standing in the right spot) I made a list before I went of items I wanted to make. Or should I say repurpose. I found all of those items. I also found a few extra.
Someone donated a paint caddy. It leans a little to the left but I don't care. I love and need it. After bringing this home I really notice I have no place to keep it in my crafting corner. So i am currently going to use it as a craft show display and hang all my necklaces on it. When I am painting I need to see all my colors to color match. What goes with this and that. I currently keep my paints in a cabinet. Which is perfect for me cause they are out of the way and I am keeping the color safe from any lights. When I am painting I am no where near this cabinet. So this will serve as a take along caddy to where I do paint. And who wants to stare at my paints laying all over the place. So when I am done for the day, I can take them and put them aside. When I get my sewing area room I will just fill this with paints and make a cozy little cover for it. Maybe add a few pockets and put the painting supplies in there too.
Look at all this dept. store tissue paper that someone donated. I just ran out of tissue paper. That stuff is expensive!


What great finds!! Do you know that we have a thrift store across from us at work and believe it or not i've never been over there???? I KNOW! I can't even imagine why not so i'm going to make it my mission this week to bop over there one day on lunch break and check it out!

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