Vintage Wednesday is Half Off!

anniescupboards Reply 2:15 PM
Some of my local thrifty stores have half off day on Wednesdays. Not all of them do. And not everything is half off usually a certain color tag or clothing only or housewares only. I paid full price for this set of red pillowcases. Its so vintagy yummy. I love them so much. I never have seen a red pair of vintage pillowcases. Never! This is my first time seeing/finding them locally. They are in perfect condition. I more than love. I adore.
I found this set of vintage sheets. I have this in a king size fitted only. I am going to put it on my bed today. I forgot I had this sheet. I found this set and it reminded me of it. I should have taken the pillowcase and kept it. Or maybe take the flat sheet and make myself 2 pillowcases. I can't. Its a perfect set that should be shown on someones bed. Its so bright. So pretty. No stain or holes. Like I don't even think this was used. I mean of course it was. Plus its very soft. You know that crisp feeling? This set feels like it. Again wishing I had a twin size bed. I tried talking hubby into it. He just laughed at me.
I found 2 vintage large needle punched piggys and a cross stitch piggy, completed. I love them. The needle punch is seriously a bunch of work there. I needle punch I know. My gosh. I have to make these into something. I am not sure yet. Something worthy of all the persons work. My gosh. I paid 25 cents each for them. I totally owe it to the person who made these to make it awesome and used since it never was.
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