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The very same time I took this photo the green started to fall. I am so happy it fell that way. The ground is higher in the back of the fence and it fell a whole 4 inches. If it was to have fallen forward I would have been taking photos of a broken green bowl and big old sad on my face. I never really had anything fall before. Dolls yes. Heavy Pyrex? No. Well until now. Eek. I will have to display them some place else for photo sessions. I was shocked I even got this photo. It all happened so fast. I even went and reached forward as if I could have stopped it. Oh I was so LUCKY!!!
I found this set. Again. Yes I know. I keep finding these ones. And notice. The blue bowl? NOPE it is not there. again. I always find these 3 together. I was told by Linda from Pyrex Love that the hard one to find is the red one. She says that for some reason the red one was the most used in any kitchen and always had the most ware or even MISSING from the set. Well, I am happy to have a few of them. She told me its a 402. I need to learn these numbers! I have been learning so much at The Pyrex Collective. It's like school for Pyrex. Not kidding. You learn so much and about yourself too. How much of a Pyrex Hoarder are you? I have learned I have Pyrexia. I love it. I have also found lots of others who are like me. United in Vintage Pyrex!!

I have been doing much of the same since my last post. Just lots of packing. I really want to make something. I just have not been able to get into anything. I feel rather blah and not interested yet I am. Just not really. I don't have a craft show coming up. I kinda wish I did. I see all my friends posting locally about all the upcoming shows they are doing. I so wanna go out there and play. I can always visit. I am not able to do all the shows there are. Let me tell you. There is an explosion of craft shows and art shows for indie artist in South Florida. You should get out there and explore them.


i too have recently been diagnosed with "pyrexia"!

I love the way you captured the green bowl falling! It's too perfect! Also love that you referred to the Pyrex Collective as going to school for Pyrex- there really is so much to learn over there!!

PYREXIA Hooray Hooray!
Totally love your avatar Denver!

Alyssa, this school is amazing to attend. HAHA! I hope we dont have a pop quiz cause I would totally fail.

Phew, a broken green mixing bowl would have been so sad! That one also happens to be my favourite. :)

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