I'm moving soon

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I found this vintage purple American Tourister hard shell suitcase today. My son had a tutoring session this morning and so I was forced to thrift. Yeah! This one is about a medium size. I must say I freaking LOVE this one so much. I am going to use it as my personal suitcase. The inside is a dream. It's PINK and perfect. I love it so so much.
Sadly no Pyrex was found today. But I did. I found 2 Pyrex Holders.
I am moving soon. I have been spending my free time packing instead of sewing. I think every time I take a photo like this I am going to miss this little section of the yard. I do love the old wood and the grassy area. The tree in the background is a personal favorite too. I don't really care for Palm trees which are all over the place here in South Florida. We have to move. The house we have been renting for the last 4 years is being foreclosed on. We are in the process of hopefully getting our very first home. I really have nothing more to share at the moment except were waiting. There is a whole bunch of waiting going on and everyone is on (the) edge and ready to jump. haha I will miss a few things about the home I live in now. But it's time. We are really ready to go anyhow. We were only going to stay a year. It turned out to be 4.

Local Antique Mall Visit

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I took a field trip over to a local antique mall by me. I stopped going there a long time ago. Its been way over a year maybe 2 since my last visit. They are so over priced in there. I noticed they changed things around a bit and got new vendors and some left. Some have some really good prices. I may have to stop in more than once a year. Eek! I wanted to take all of these pearls home. They are not real. Or are they? I have no idea how to tell if they are. I have wanted a pearl necklace for a long time. I may go back in there and just buy one. Real or not.
Lots of Pyrex was found. They just love to up the price so much on Pyrex in these places. I have no idea why. I guess to help cover the cost of having a booth in the mall? Do they know Ebay is flooded with Pyrex and you can get the same pieces even less with shipping added in the cost?
The above top is to that orange Pyrex dish. It was so bright. I do like it.

Look how much that Jadeite Fire King Swirl bowl is. $49 bucks and I paid $6 for mine.
I found the piece I showed you yesterday. Here. It was being used to keep handles in. Poor bowl. I saved it from being all scratched up.

I do love this sewing desk. Not bad price for vintage machine and table. $25
This pink phone did not look vintage or feel it. It was very plastic. $42 sold as is too.

Found another. The small bowl was 24 and the larger yep in the 40's. I paid $4.00 for my small one. Now I can totally understand the prices of these. Its Jadeite Fire King. Which is not flooded in Ebay. You can find it. But not as much as Pyrex.
This booth had the most McKee milk glass I have ever seen. You can find out a little bit of info here about McKee. I just found out myself. They look Pyrex and feel Pyrex like. I wonder if I have ever passed any up thinking they were fake Pyrex. The photo below is a better photo of the top shelf. These were costly. Each piece was close to $40 or way over it.

I don't mind antique stores. They are wonderful for inspiration. They actually can school you on items you are interested in collecting. You can spot pieces you never knew existed and get to see them up close in person. Feel them. Check out the maker. Is there one? You can find good deals and you can always have the owner of the booth called and see if they will do a better price than what they have listed. Some will give 10% off. If you buy more they may give you even more. Sometimes here locally in South Florida if its just vintage they mark it so costly. I have gone to antique malls in other states and found cheaper prices. Not all the time. South Florida I guess is so far down that if anything makes it here vintage they just slap a high price on it even if its in good shape or not. I once found an old clear mason jar with lid and they wanted $40.00 for it. They had a total of 5. I went to Lancaster, PA and everyone there was charging $4.00. The green ones were $8.00 and higher. Never once did I find one over 15. South Florida has some schooling to do in the antique pricing. I personally think the ones who are charging so much money are the old school collectors who haven't even heard or tried going online. The internet is flooded with antiques. You can shop around and get the same thing and you will find it. Just give it time. Depending on the pieces you collect. Some are totally justified in their prices.

Pink Gooseberry Pyrex, My first!

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I found this 2 1/2 quart Pyrex dish! Its my first Pink Gooseberry! I found this sweet vintage tablecloth too. I could have spent more money on tablecloths. I found so many I like. But I resisted. It was not easy. Not at all.

October Crafty Potluck

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This past weekend we had our crafty potluck party. You know the smiles were happening.

We were learning how to book bind. I did not make anything. I could not concentrate on anything to be honest. But I did learn how to do it. I didn't craft anything. AGAIN. I seriously need to make something while there. I had a plan to make Barbie clothing. I didn't. Eek Next time! I must do something! I think we are skipping Nov & Dec. Everyone is busy you know the drill holidays,traveling, family so forth.

We had a bunch of fun. You should really get together with your friends and craft. Or at least try to. I like how we are taking turns and each one of us are teaching something. Every has something to teach. We all make different things. We love learning and having fun with it.

Thrifty Pyrex finds from yesterday

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I was not going to buy that green Pyrex bowl. I left it at the store more than once. So my 3rd visit I said FINE your coming home with me. It was 50% off day so I did not feel so bad. I am trying to save my dollars for home buying and my pennies for vintage Pyrex. But only the Pyrex I really really want at the moment. I mean its PYREX, i love it still. I am not a fan of the green color. I like it. But I am not in love with it. I like it with other colors not by itself?!!?? I don't buy/collect white or clear Pyrex. Or the purple. You remember from the 90's? I actually own some of these and purchased them in the 90's way way way before I even thought of collecting. I was going through a purple phase. It lasted 3 years. I broke 3 of the large bowls with lids. They shattered all over the place. This was my first time cooking with glass. I found out very fast how you have to let glass cool before doing ANYTHING WITH IT! After the 3rd dish broke I scared myself so bad I never cooked in glass again. (well not forever, eventually I bought a oblong clear Pyrex dish and I refer that as my meatloaf maker) I take it out of oven and let it cool on a fancy vintage linen cloth. I don't use it often cause only 2 people in the house like meatloaf.

Now if I feel no more love for any of the colors I have collected I am able to sell them at my indie craft shows. Which I have done with Fire King dishes. I do find Fire King a bunch. Not as much as I find Pyrex.
This piece above is Fire King. I have 2 mugs and 2 square dishes all with this same print. I do love this. I may keep them all. I was thinking of selling them. But the more pieces I find, I find it hard to let go. This round bowl is so clean for vintage.
This is adorable! I love this neon green(ish)-yellow color. This is my first time finding this print.
2 faded Pyrex bowls. I was so happy to see them. I wish they were not so faded. I love aqua!
I found 2 pitchers yesterday. I am getting some collection now. These take up so much room to store. The bowls are easy cause I can stack them and put towels between them. The one on the bottom is smaller than the top. The one on the bottom also cost more. Now I like the green on this pitcher. There is not so much of it and when you put your pretty color of liquid inside it makes it all different again. So maybe I should put fresh fruit in my green bowl then I will love it more. Like Red apples. Or Pears.

Vintage Jewerly Box in black

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Oh my. I found this vintage jewelry box and forgot to show you! I found an ivory one just like it last year. Now I have a set. I use my ivory one in my craft show display all the time. I always get asked if it's for sale. No. No it's not. Sorry.

These are in my Etsy shop. The one above is a whole Queen size set. In vintage. WOW! That is a first for me to find a complete set! I am just LOVING the 1960 Flower Power Prints!

Vintage Bed Sheets from 1960's are fab!

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Pyrex found! This is the small dish. I keep finding this print.
This butter dish adorable, right? Its plastic. No name.
I found my first vintage Vera bed sheet! This would make an excellent skirt/dress!
I almost kept these pillowcases. They are in my Etsy Shop. Along with all the other sheets you see here in this post. I am so happy to find some vintage sheets. Its been a little dry here. Not much donating during the summer to our thrift stores. But we seem to be back on track again.

Hope your thrifty stores are picking up. Happy Thrifting!! XO

Gone with the Wind via Vintage Suitcases

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This is pretty big. I got it thrifted and as soon as I found it I knew what to do with it. Make it into a Barbie Closet! Its getting a make over.

I found all these for 3.00! Each one cost a dollar. Oh my goodness!
Perfect insides. Dig that plaid right?
This note was inside.
This map was also inside. In pencil someone wrote 1971 on the map. The year I was born.
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