and the baby ducks are hatching!!

anniescupboards 6 9:02 AM
**updated after I posted** I got this above cute photo!!
On this top photo you can barely make out a little head next to the mama's breast. Yesterday when i got in from doing the groceries I noticed mama duck moving around and looking down so as I was putting my key in the door I turned and saw those 2 eggs HATCHED!! I could not make out any babies until this morning when I went to check. I tried to get photos. I did. Just not very good ones. They are playing hide and PEEK with me. haha. They are so cute!! SO TINY!
I got this blurry shot. I could have just stood there all morning watching them.

I have been sewing and sewing. New dolls are being worked on all weekend long. I am almost done. They shall all be in my Etsy shop for sale very soon. I will post here when I have finished them. My little shop is so sad and empty. It needs smiling faces!!
Happy Weekend to you all!!


They are just adorable. Iam getting anxious for my ducks to start laying which won't be untill may. I have put the eggs in an incubator in the past and it is so fun to watch them hatch,i could sit for hours watching them.

Oooh, they are so, so cute!!! Thank you so much for posting their pictures. Love it!!

how sweet is that! I know what you mena when all the Annies are gone, makes it kinda sad LOL

Duckies! I absolutely love baby animals!

This is so encouraging to see Spring peeking out!!!

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