Baby ducks are everywhere!

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This mama stops by every now and then to say hello. Her babies are so BRIGHT yellow. They look like peeps. I love them! I saw them yesterday swimming in the lake again.

These 2 little duckies were my favorite. They are not around anymore. I have no idea what happen to them. So in my mind they are living the good life. I miss them. They actually were the only 2 babies that loved me. When I would see them coming up from the lake with their mama I would say. HELLO LITTLE BABIES and they would get all excited and run faster up the hill to me to see if I had a strawberries for them. SO cute. I miss them so much.

This one mama has only 1 baby left. She has been here for 2 weeks hanging out. She leaves me with the baby so she can go fly around the lake. She really does. She comes back right away. The baby wants nothing to do with me. He just cries till his mama gets back. I am like Oh dear. I have not seen them yet today. Usually they are out there. I am not even going to think about what if. It's a hard life growing up here in the lake. My goodness. I love baby duckies. Even hubby is loving them. He protects them when he sees hawks too. We have lots of hawks coming around. Dangit! Be gone and go get a rat. Not a duck.
This mama has the most ducks for the most amount of days. She still has all 17 of her ducks. I am surprised. I AM SO HAPPY. 2 of them have all brown heads.
After watching them and well I guess studying them I have learned so much about these ducks. Some are just not really good mothers. They try but sometimes I see them do silly things. Then there are the other mama's who are REALLY REALLY good and keep watch and keep their babies in check.
The duck that was sitting in my front porch, she is not even hanging around here. I saw her maybe one more time walking down a sidewalk with all her babies. She must have this baby gig practiced to a T. Cause she picked a really good place to keep her eggs away from everyone. (my front porch) then she just up and left when they were born and prolly took them to a an even safer place.

I had to run and catch a few babies in the yard. Sometimes the mama leaves and the babies follow but then you will have like 3 or 4 who are not paying attention. Then they notice mama is gone and panic cry for her. Mama duck does not always hear. So I wait and then when I see them running the opposite direction I go out there and heard them to mama. A few times I had to actually grab them and put them near their mama cause they would just panic and freak out cry. And you know that of course breaks my heart. They are so soft. I never held a baby duck till this month. Ever. I loved it. They are really go gentle and so sweet and so loud when they call for mama. I like how they talk with each other in a series of quacks. The babies respond to mama very fast too. I love watching them all walk by in a line. When they run even cuter. Sometimes I pass my kitchen window and see a whole bunch of little ones eating bugs in the grass. So Cute!


Oh, your little ducky adventures delight me!! They are so, so cute! I would be like you, trying to protect them all.

aw, I loved reading this!Duckling cries must be so precious.

Sherry - champion of baby ducks.

You do sort of wonder why nature makes them bright yellow, an easy target for predators. (even colorblind ones)

i have been waiting for the baby duckie pictures!!! lol amazing how attached you can get to any baby animal. i can just imagine you and your husband running around the yard screaming at hawks to leave your duckies alone lol!!! looking forward to pics of them as they grow.

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