Aqua Vintage Sheet Lust

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Is this wish granted week at the thrift stores?
I found this amazing lovely vintage sheet. It fits my king size bed.
This is not a king size sheet. Someone sewed 2 or 3 twin size sheets together.
That was my idea. Remember I said I was going to do that when I found
twin size sheets I loved? They never have king size in anything I want.
Today changed. When I went to look to find the price is when I noticed
a few twin size tags on the sheet. I was so happy. No stains no holes.
So totally ready for my bed after washing of course.
The funny thing is it came with a twin size
fitted sheet that was not altered.
I am making that into pillowcases or pillow.

Look how much over hang is on each side of the bed. The colors are fab and so me.
Guess what? I know you see it. 2 sets in front of you completed. WHAT?
Just yesterday I was showing off my prized finished completed set of Pyrex primary bowls.
Today I found a small blue bowl!! YES I DID!
It seems to be rather lighter almost aqua like.
The other blue bowl I got from my friend Sunday is on the right.
Look how blue that is.
I really do not care if this is not for this set.
Maybe it is. I have to ask my Pyrex friends over at
Pyrex Collective. They will know. Someone there has to know.

*updated* I found this site here that told me YES its part of the set!
I found these 2 pillowcases. I love them!
How amazing bright and pretty they are.
I found 2 of these vintage pillowcases.
They are the long ones. Perfect I need those.
I am not sure if I showed these to you yet. Sorry if I did. I bought these a bit ago while thrifitng with my friend. They had more than this. I just bought the best ones in the bunch and left the rest. I am going to make cake plates from these. I am not sure I am going to sell them. I think I might hoard these and use them at my craft shows? I love them. These vintage plates are so pretty with the pink and yellow flowers. They are Ben Seibel plates. Mikasa Duplex- Pattern called Eden. You can read more about his fabulous designs here.


Glad you found some to fit Sherry. I just love the patterns and colours of vintage sheets they just seem so much more appealing to me. I'm always on the hunt for more locally and I'm still looking for Pyrex. I might have to venture further afield to find them. Niki xxx

Hello! I was just doing a Google search for vintage sheets (in the images section as that usually leads to great websites) and your blog popped up. I think it was one of the first images.

You have a lovely space here - all the things I like. :)

Anyway I've followed you and will have a read through your earlier archives later today.

Those aqua blue Pyrex are awesome. They remind me of the Le Creuset teal pots. It's very much a "beach house" color, nice and soothing.

Wendz Ohhh that is exciting to me. Searching for sheets and you found me? Yipee! I am the vintage sheet lover and Pyrex for sure. You found the right girl/blog.

Welcome on over and thanks for dropping me a line!

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