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Found a Square Flowers (Verde) Vintage Pyrex dish with lid.
I am not much crazy about lids anymore. I know it makes a complete set when you have a lid. I am only interested now if the lid has a pattern or color to match the dish.
This dish is not Pyrex.
I know I made that rule about no longer bringing home Pyrex-like dishes.
I had to bend that rule today. This dish is adorable. The print.

The birds the colors the flowers. I really adore it. It has a lid to match.
Forget what I said above about being over the lids.
If I did not find this dish with the lid I am not sure I would have liked it as much?
I am ridiculous with rules. I am so happy I break them often.
I thought I was over buying suitcases.
Yet, as I stood in line to pay for this suitcase and only this suitcase I was giving myself a talk about how I will find adorable suitcases all the time and I will have to resist buying them.

I needed them for craft show displays and keeping my craft room tidy and organized. I have those and plenty of them. I even gave some away to my friend.
This one is so rare and unusual. I love it. The inside. Oh wow.
The colors are robins egg blue with silver/gray.

I am sewing and stuffing and sewing. I have a few private orders I am working on and I have been taking little breaks to get out there and stretch. Thrifting is perfect for this. There is lots of bending and stretching and walking. Sometimes your skipping back to the car with happiness!


Wow, you've been finding a lot of great stuff lately!! Love the suitcase!!

Ooh nice finds. Were you wondering if the Verde casserole lids originally came with the pattern? I believe they are all clear.

I feel I have been getting a little lucky lately. I am most excited. I was seeing empty shelves for so long.

You know, I have the same rule about Pyrex like items, but like you, I would have broken the rule for this one because it is BEYOND adorable! I love those birds. And someone wise once said that rules are made to be broken. So there.

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