Primary Red Pyrex Bowl

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Today I found a vintage red Pyrex bowl.
I now have 5 red Pyrex dishes.
That is it.
I am not counting fridge dishes I have some of those.
I wonder how much red was ever produced in Pyrex?
I am wanting more red.
I was so happy to see this on the shelf.
I was so happy to see the $3.40 tag too cause today was 25% off day.

This yellow vintage Pyrex bowl was right next to the red one.
So you know I SMILED so very big.

They are both the same size.

This candle holder is getting a makeover.

I found 4 Vintage Vera Linen Napkins.
I just found this set recently with a tablecloth.
No tablecloth this time.
I will list them on Etsy.
I know someone will prolly be looking for them.
They might already have found the tablecloth.

Vintage yellow crochet doily.
I do love the diamond shape of it.
I am not sure my pink bowl goes with it.
That was sitting on the table with a strawberry hanky.
I do love how it looks on my table.
The yellow really pops.

These are light yellow.
The photo makes it look Ecru? They are yellow, promise.

Thrifting has been good lately.
I have been thrift shopping for supplies.
I love that I go there for my craft supplies.
It is so much fun what you can do with items
found in a thrifty store.

I have listed a bunch of fabrics on Etsy
that I am not going to use or I used it so much
of it, I am done with it. I have a few more to get there.
But then....
I am stuffing dolls and I need to get them done.
I sewed the wrong doll bodies for some of them too.
So now I have to go back and sew 6 other bodies.
Stuffing is the hardest part I think.
I have to just get them done.
I am making that lifted eyebrow face.
The one that says...OH STUFFING.

"Oh no she isn't crazy she has I have to stuff doll parts face.
Totally understandable".

It's like raking leaves in the yard.
Which is Work.
The sewing is the FUN part.
I always say...ARE WE THERE YET?



Love the Pyrex and the Vera napkins! That yellow doily is amazing. And it does look good on your table (which has such an awesome wood grain).

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