Thrifty Black Friday for me

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Sometimes I take photos with my iphone and sometimes I take them with my fancy camera.
Just in case you were wondering why some look a little grainy.

I found this huge jar of vintage buttons at the thrift store.
I went black Friday shopping at my thrifty stores.
They were not crowded. The usual crowd was there.
Each store was running a sale of some sort.
Nothing was full price so that is fabulous.
I went last year too.
I about passed on this jar of buttons.
I am a button freak. I have no idea why I was going to leave them.
I walked past and then I stopped in my tracks reached out my arm and grabbed them
before walking away. Sometimes I think I have something
vintage outta my system. Then the crafter in me takes over and say
HEY DON'T PASS those up. Button are expensive.
I am so glad I grabbed them.
I could not even open them in the store to see what was inside.
I had to wait till I got home and watch hubby struggle with the jar
before I could see the beauty of buttons I scored.
I am smitten with the old jar too.
I found this Milk glass Strawberry.
Its a container. The lid opens.
It feels like Pyrex.
Its all white inside.
I think it may be a sugar bowl.
This strawberry bowl is the size of a real large apple.
I am giving this to my friend Tiffany.
She collects strawberry vintage kitchen kitsch items.

The vintage sheets just keep on coming!
I am so happy. Here and there I have been finding sheets I love.
I am going to put these two twin size flat sheets in my Etsy shop.
They are so bright and have lots of potential!

You are looking at my 40th Birthday Present.

You have no idea ho long I have been wanting this house.
Since the age of 7.
My friend had this house. I also had a friend who
had the other house I loved. The 2 story town home with the moving
elevator. Have you seen it? It is here if you wanna peek.
That is an amazing price for that house too.

This Vintage 1970's A frame Barbie House is mine. All mine.
Finally. I am so happy. All the parts are there too.
All the windows, the doors, the columns the closet, oh my!!
I promise to blog more about it. I am currently decorating it.
I purchased this on Ebay.
They have so many of these homes on Ebay.
You have to keep your eyes open to find the right one for you
and then pounce on it. I have furniture that went to this house.
I have a few pieces. I need more and I am waiting on one in the mail.
I am going to love making this house up. I plan on giving it a sewing room.
The back of the house is just as pretty as the front of the house.
You can move this house around and change the look of it.
I am such a kid.

You have to BUILD the house. And it will look a lot like this once you open your box.
Eeeekk. Hubby helped me and we got it done in one night.

I am hanging up snowflakes above my tree. I will have photos soon of this too.

Thanksgiving feast was made by me and my Mother in Law.
I made the Turkey and oh my gosh. It came out
so fabulous and juicy. Want to know my secret?
I take salt, pepper, butter and chopped up celery, garlic and onions.
I mix them all together in a bowl.
I then take a handful and shove this mixture in between the skin and the meat.
All in the breast area just keep shoving it in there. Then stuff the rest in the cavity.
Then place your turkey UPSIDE down on a rack that
is a few inches away from the bottom of your pan.
You have to try to keep the bird off the pan. I then
coated it with salt n pepper on the outside (all over) and a little oil.
The oil gives the skin its crispy crunch.
The last hour the turkey is cooking you turn the bird over the breast gets a tan.
I have a tin foil tent covering mine until the last hour when I flip the bird I take off the foil.
The pan dripping makes the best gravy too.
People laugh when they hear how I cook my bird.
I never cook it any other way EVER.
Once I tried this...I NEVER went back to breast up.
I never get tired of hearing how awesome the breast is.
I prefer the dark meat.

I used lots of Vintage Green Pyrex.


Love your pressie how cool! We are going to put out tree up this week, ready for my Open Studio on Saturday. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Niki x

Hi, I found your blog when I was searching for that Pyrex strawberry jar (I have one). In fact, I have a lot of the same things, Pyrex bowls, milk glass, vintage sheets and pillowcases...some inherited and some from my rummage-sale loving mom! I love and use them every day/

My friend found some of those strawberries on Etsy.

that is the link for one of them. They were made by Hazel Atlas. They were a promotion item. Tiffany loved it so much!!

Funny how we find blogs. So happy you found me!!!

I am so excited for you...does it have the flowers for the flower boxes? I got that one year from Santa...I think my Dad hated me for having to put it together! I loved it! I have no idea what happened to it...but it was well loved!

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