Craft Show Crunch Time

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I went a little vintage shopping last week.
I have been sewing away getting ready for my
first craft show of the year.
I am almost ready.
I will have lots of new handmades to offer.

These cute little figurines should have came home with me.
I would turn into such a vintage hoarder if I had the funds.

I find these often. I like the really small ones.

All of these evening bags should be in my closet!

So should these! Can you imagine pulling out this table
and saying...Hmmm...what do I wear tonight?

I bought this vintage linen towel.
It is new but very vintage.
There is a poodle on both sides.
I am going to make this into something.
I have no idea what.

I purchased more vintage magazines.
I do love looking at them.
I have several vintage magazines.
I cut them up and make art with them.
Some people cringe at the thought of it.
Some people do not like to hear vintage being CUT UP!!
In the name of ART it is 100% acceptable.

The ads are so perfect.
This one is getting framed and put in the kitchen!

This one, framed and going in the craft room.

This one is going in the dressing room.

I have lots of dolls packed away for the show. I
am working on more today.

I am trying to repurpose these. I made them
into hair clips 2 years ago and now I would like to
take them apart (kinda) and use them for something
else. I have a few ideas. I will show them off
if any are worthy. I hope to show something off. Eek!


you've been busy! may this turn out to be your best show ever!

OMG! In the picture with the darling little lambs I see the baker in white and the candlestick maker in red in the background!!! I used to have those, along with the buter (either black or yellow), and they are bath toys that come in a little barrel raft thing. It was the coolest bath toy when I was little. I loved baths!

Harika... Paylaşımlarınız için tebrikler ve teşekkürler. :)

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