Handmade Skirt in 15 mins.

anniescupboards 5 8:25 AM
So maybe, I have a little practice and I can get it done
in 15 mins. It is really easy to make an elastic skirt.
There are so many tutorials on the internet for them.
There are lots to choose from.
I just went with something basic since my
fabric has so much fun wiggle pattern on it.
I am having a crafty party this weekend.
I am going to show them all how to make
this skirt. I will show off what we did.
I kinda sorta cheated but not really. Cause
I was not suppose to make mine till the party.
I am teaching the class so I honestly did
not think I would even get mine done.

I did buy other fabric to play along and make another
one with them. I just wanted to make sure I had something
done. Just in case.

After making this. I got skirt fever. I want to make at least
10 more. I want to fill my closet. You can dress this skirt up or
down. You can match it with so many things.

This skirt cost me 2.50 for the fabric. (on sale)
$1.00 for the Elastic.
Maybe 25 cents worth of thread.


Love the fabric you used and your skirt turned out fabulous!

trust me getting it done before the party was the way to go. you'll be too busy helping others, plus you can model it while you teach to show them how awesome it'll look!

Love your skirt!! It looks easy peasy!! I love that! Oh I also wish I lived close enough to come to your craft party!!! That sounds so fun!!! Thanks for sharing!! XO Fran.

cute & you wear it so well! you can use your skirt as a sample, we always need a sample when teaching a class, right? LOL!

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