Vintage Yellow Night Stand

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I went thrifting really fast the other day.
I was with my friend and telling her
how the last time her and I were out I regretted
not getting a piece of furniture I saw. It was a really
nice yellow night stand. I wanted it. It was 20.00.
I walked away.

Her and I were just discussing this and I turn the corner
and what do I see in front of us both?
Staring at us.
This yellow nightstand.
I asked how much it was.
The man said, the price is so good I bet you won't say no.

I was like SOLD.
There it was all alone away from its matching brother or sister.
No Dad dresser, no Mom dresser.
Just alone.

It is really bright. This looks nothing like the one I saw before.
And that price. Hello.

I am going to use it in the hallway and it will maybe have a Pyrex dish on it.
I am thinking about maybe a vintage lamp.
I will keep linens in the drawers.

I talked hubby into letting me buy several pieces of
vintage furniture in color. After showing him
photos online of several room he then understood where I
was going. I am going to make over the family room
with vintage and modern pieces. I am tired
of hubby's overly used brown color.
I let him choose everything last decor change.
My turn.

Next up, Blue couch please!!


I would definitely have snatched it up too at that price!!

Wow, 5 bucks! What a deal, looks like it's in great condition too. Don't you just love it when you find something you really wanted but passed on it, then find it again and it's cheaper than the original one? I love that!

It would have been wrong not to buy it for $5.00. Great find!

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