Star Wars Jedi Dress made

anniescupboards 7 12:40 PM
 I have been playing with vintage sheets.
I made this today.
I just finished it.
I cut it out yesterday and
I wanted to sew it but I needed
a zipper to match. 
I used a vintage pattern for the top
and then re-sized it and altered it.
It came out a little loose on the top part.
I am overall happy with it.
I know where to make it smaller next time.
I will make this dress again.
I am excited about this style.
It's a new one for me.
I really adore it.
Check your local thrift stores
for vintage bed sheets
and make yourself a DIY dress.
Grab an old or new pattern.
Sheets are awesome to work with and
feel great to wear in this hot Florida Sunshine.


Oh my gosh, that is my favorite dress I've ever seen in my whole life. Seriously. So cool!

Very cool pattern for a vintage dress!! You sure can rock out the cool outfits!! I adore your talent Sherry!! Thanks for sharing! You always make it sound so easy!! XOXO Fran.

I just love bed sheet sewing, your dress is amazing

I just saw your photo over on Arterpillar -- your dress is fabulous! I just wanted to tell you that way back in the early 80's my Dad designed those sheets - he was an art director/designer for a textile company and he worked on every bit of bedding for the first three Star Wars movies. The first time I saw that pattern it was being hand painted on a giant roll of paper. I love so so much that his sheets have been getting new life lately, your awesome dress is a perfect example. I just wanted to let you know that his family is loving that, and he would have too!

Amy I am floored and so amazed. You took my breath away. Thank you for telling me and sharing. The first three star wars movies are our family's favorite. We love them so much. I am honored to meet you!

fantastic job! you always make the neatest things & look great in them !

Totally AWESOME!! I am a fan of Star Wars as well and think the way you do about the "new ones". I never thought about making clothes out of the sheets...I've made bags out of them but not clothes, oh boy! Ideas...ideas...

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