What Craft Show is right for you?

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You finally made the choice to do a craft show. You are ready. My friend Hollie over at Mermaids Closet has some excellent tips on getting ready for a craft show. Stop by her blog and take a moment to read them.

Now, before you apply with a craft show you should check out the craft show. You should ask yourself a few questions and research to find the answers before signing up for any craft show.

  1. How long has this craft show been running?
  2. How is the advertising done for the show?
  3. Do they Judge and Jury the vendors crafts before accepting them?

These 3 are really important on the first must check. First time shows are a hit or miss. I have taken part in them. Sometimes they are bam busy as all and sometimes just a slow pace. If you are unsure of a first time show then you need to check to see who is throwing the show. Who is the person in charge and what qualifications do they have? Where are they advertising? These first 2 go hand in hand. You want the customers coming to your show, first time or long time running show. You have to see how they are advertising for the show. If they are just using one social media site online, they are not getting the shoppers. Newspaper advertisments, getting the city, park, community or location of the show involved. Making signs, banners and plastering them weeks in advanced. You know the kind of places you look hoping to find a fun show to shop at. The local library may even want to get  involved. Advertisement is KEY to a successful show. Online is great but not everyone is online.

Do they Judge and Jury the crafters who apply to the shows? They should be. It is a must. A crafter is a serious artist. They are the ones making their creations from their heart and very own hands. Many years, hours and failures have made them into the artist they are today. To sell side by side next to a fellow crafter is amazing. The last thing you want to do is go to a show and set up all your handmade creations next to someone selling Tupperware. No offense to the makers/sellers of Tupperware. This is a crafters show. Not a corporation show. If this happens at a craft show. That is not the craft show for you. Craft shows are for crafters. The person throwing the show clearly has no respect for handmade when they invite corporate vendors to take part in their "craft" show.  They are just in it for the vendor fee money. That is not fair to the others crafters. It is not respectful to the crafters. Corporations do not fit into a craft show. The person selling said items did not make the items. They are only making a sale. Craft show. Get it? "Craft". Craft shows are for the Artist who creates. They have a wonderful talent and deserve to be surrounded by like people.

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