My heart is in Tennessee

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I went to Tennessee.

 In the Airplane bathroom selfie.
I was just about to barf.
I get motion sickness easy.
Sure I can ride rides at an amusement park but get
me on a plane for a few hours and I am toast.

 South Florida Coast
 I never been to Tennessee. I fell in love.

 I left my heart there.
Hubby and I went to Tennessee to help a friend.
She is making over a 120 year old house in Maryville, Tennessee.
Where the walkways to the homes are long,
the trees are larger than thehouses and
all you see is GREEN everywhere.

Ok, it does help to
go in springtime. (ha)

 My friend used to live next door to me for 6 years. 
Then she up and left us all to Tennessee. I am so jealous.
I wish I could live there. I have known her since I was 16.
How could she leave me? I SEE NOW!
 The moment I was having just stitching in the yard was life changing.

 The house above is my friends home.
It was said to be haunted.
It was family owned for years until recently.
The neighbors who live around her tell her
of the stories they heard and things that went on
in that house when they were kids.

 I am obsessed with trees. Did you notice the Florida coast line photo
above? That is how South Florida looks. UGLY to me.
I personally am tired of all this heat and humidity and
the grumpy people that live here.

Tennessee was so beautiful and people
were so nice. LIKE OH my gosh....NICE! Strangers being
nice to strangers and considerate. You do not see that here.
I crave the woods. I feel as if I am part and from the woods. I
 am not a mermaid. I crave 4 seasons. to actually feel them and be apart of them.
Not to mention have a wardrobe that matches.
I think I found my dream. I am going to work on getting there.
Hubby loves it. I was shocked. He is a city boy who loves the beach.
He said he would move to Tennessee in a heart beat. He loves it too.
(my mouth is wide open in shock I tell you!!)
 We visited several thrift stores while there. In a bunch of their
stores they have cats you can adopt. Some just have cats as pets in the store.
They live there. I LOVE THAT!

 My friend is making over her house.
I see things that should stay.
She sees things that should go.
I say LEAVE that door alone.
 I went to Hobby Lobby. We do not have one in South Florida.
It is a wonderful craft store.

 I took a bath in an old fashioned tub. (heaven)
 My best friend who lives in North Carolina drove over to see me.
We hung out all weekend and bought rings made from spoons.

 The trees are amazing.
I love them.
I want them all around me.
I want to breathe them in with my eyes and soul.

This is in the Fort Lauderdale Airport.
I have not flown in years.
It was nice to see these changes.
We have a really beautiful airport.
MIAMI is horrible.(HA)


I totally understand what you are feeling. I am a city girl, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. My Hubby and I visited people we knew in a sweet lil' suburb in Texas and I had to fight back tears in my eyes on the plane ride back to Los Angeles. The green landscapes, trees, flowers and nature had me mesmerized. I wasn't ready to leave to it all and vowed I would be back to visit often. Fast forward a few years later....I actually live in Texas in that sweet lil' suburb that I thought I would only visit. I still can't believe that my Hubby and I actually made the move but I wouldn't trade the lifestyle I'm living now. It's true that you only have one life to live so why not live the life of your dreams?

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