found: Vintage Doll Dresses

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Oh I found a bunch of treasures yesterday. I was lucky enough to find a few handmade doll dresses to add to my collection. I think I should wash these however I am too lazy to do laundry today.
This screams joy for me. First its a doll dress. Next its vintage, it has rick rack and its HANDMADE!
Just check the inside of the dresses and you can tell factory from handmade. Looky close at the stitching.
This one is vintage feedsack. (the lady at the counter asked me if I knew what kind of fabric this was..........DOH!)

These last 3 are adorable. Were these dresses handmade? I can't tell. I am stumped. I will have to go look at them again. They are TOO adorable. They appear to be handmade. There is no tag and I see hand sewing involved in places. Yes I think they are! I love how they are sheer and they have little tiny raised polk a dots all over. They will fit my baby crissy doll. I am going to use ONE of them on a doll to sell on my website. Keep an eye open!


How cute!!! You always find the neatest stuff!

You are sooooo lucky, I could never find those dresses, where do you find these at?

I purchased them at my local antique mall. There is a lady who has a booth that I personally think shops for me cause I always find my goodies there. You can come over and play with me anytime ladies! XOXO

Hey This Simple Life also lives in Florida, we could hang out and have super fun! :-) I live in PA but WANT to go to FL soon.

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