The tree trimming has begun for 2008.

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I have decided to throw all my ideas out the window. I wanted to do so many things for the tree this year. Yet when I started putting up the tree yesterday, I realized me hand making tree ornies this year isn't really gonna happen. By the time I got the lights up. I realized I only did the blue. Which really looks aqua when they light up. It was so pretty. I then found myself putting away the other lights. I have been picking up these little crystal ornies here and there since September at Walmart. I was going to use them for something else. They are really nice hard durable plastic. I dropped one and it did not break on my tile floor. Nice. Well I found myself going over to the crafting drawer and digging them out and putting them on the tree. I picked out only the aqua balls. At night time this is such a pretty sight to see. I am not done. I have to show you more of the scalloped quilted tree skirt I found in Target. I LOVE it so much. Best of all its Off white and you cant see cat hairs. Cause once the tree goes up its a fight to see who is going to sleep under the tree at bedtime. Oh man. They ruined 3 skirts. Lets see how this one does. Its very thick and solid. I adore it so much that I will be crushed if my fur babies mangle it. I still have my smaller trees to trim. My white and my silver one. Those will get the handmade ornies and at least I can d a small version of what I wanted to do with the large tree. So I still get my holiday crafting time. I am looking for a tree topper and a few simple ornies and I am done! I will update you soon. I really REALLY love how its coming so far. Last night it was hard not to doze off into Winter Wonderland as I sat gazing into this tree.


Oh, I LOVE your tree! It is so vintage happy looking! I think my favorite color is that blue color it makes me feel good. I won't be putting my tree up for a while yet. We always get a fresh one at a tree farm near here. I think it is a Balsam spruce that I like, the needles aren't too prickly and it last longer but it is expensive. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Oh Deb I used to get a real tree every year and its been SO expensive these past few years so I have been using the white fake one. hehe I do miss the smell.

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Your tree is soooo beautiful Sherry! I wish I had blinking lights on my tree. They seem to dance to the music! Your holiday mood is contagious!

love your tree, the blue and white are so pretty together. I need to have a mansion with a big tree in every room, one in pinks, one in blue and silver, one in burgandy and gold! one traditional red and green.. one primative, one modern.. one.... etc! My tree looks the same every year! one of these years I'm going to change it up some!

Your tree looks look beautiful, i wish i had the room to do different colored ones jenxo

Hi, I love your tree, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

omg after your cute tree video I see smut at the bottom from other videos.. eww ICk.. check it out

there is so x-rated pics showing up at the end of your video. i thought you should know in case anyone has kids watching.

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